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Well done!

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I'm a tool guy and mostly likely you need an allen wrench. I know Lowes sell sets for around $5 - $6. My guess is you need a metric set versus SAE. Get a set with the longest arms you can find so you can get better leverage. The ball sets are a nicer set also but cost a little bit more.

Good Luck

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2/23/14 3:46 P

Thanks. That link helps a lot. With those instructions, I should be able to fix it. If not, I'm sure I can sweet talk one of my guy friends into helping (smile, ask politely, & offer food). Thanks again.

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It should be an easy fix. Do you have a bike tool ? You know, one of those pocket tool kits that come with a bunch of hex wrenches ? One of those hex wrenches will fit the NUT that holds the handle bar in place. All you have to do is reposition the handles and tighten that nut.

If you don't have a one of those bike tools, you can take it to any bike shop. If you tell them what happened, one of the clerks should tweak it for free. Some shops might charge you $5 or $10, but I suspect most would do it for free.

Of course, depending on how your handle bars are attached, you might need a regular wrench.

Check out this link.

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The weather is unusually warm today, so I decided to go for a bike ride. My plan was to do about 4.5 miles or 30 minutes (whichever came first). I ended up having to stop, finishing at 2.65 miles. As I came around a corner, there were these two cars parked in front of a house and I ended up running into it...slightly denting the antenna and getting a couple of scratches on my elbow. I'm not sure if it was already like that or not, since the body of the car wasn't in the best shape. There was a guy on the porch so I told him. It wasn't his car, said not to worry about it. So, I went on about my bike ride.

When I bumped into the car, I must've knocked something out of whack and now the handlebar doesn't point straight ahead like it should. How hard would this be to fix?

I realize that I'm not giving a lot of information, but that's because I don't know all the technical terms. So, feel free to ask me questions to clarify what is going on with my bike.

I'd like to fix it myself if I can. I don't want to buy a new bike, especially since I've this bike for 22 years this coming August (and this is the first time I've had a problem like this). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: As a side note, people aren't supposed to be parked on the road here, especially since everyone has a driveway. The only time people are really allowed to park on the road is when there is a garage sale or someone has died.

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