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6/9/14 7:50 P

Thanks for the article link, Coach Jen.

I just noticed my right hand *might* have swelled during my walk today, and hurt bad. I have a joint problem and my right hand is a lot worse. I couldn't tell if it was actually swollen but it felt a little swollen and hurt. I need to focus on elevating my arms and flexing my fingers more often while walking. My other workouts are videos where they have arm movements that keep my arms moving above my head or at least high enough to keep my hand from hurting/swelling.


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6/9/14 3:48 P

My hands swell, sometimes quite a bit when I'm running and it's hot outside. Sometimes they feel like cooked sausages. I don't wear rings when working out. It's really common.

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6/8/14 12:34 P

Nothing unusual. Mine swell too. I tend to leave my rings on all the time, but they do get tight, especially when its hot.

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6/7/14 11:51 P

Not every time, but this happens to me frequently when I run or walk. I don't usually wear my wedding ring when I exercise, but I notice when I try to put it back on. Usually goes away in a half hour or so.

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6/6/14 7:19 P

Ask a qualified professional but it may be dehydration or not drinking enough fluids.

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6/6/14 6:47 P

This should help:

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6/6/14 4:25 P

Whenever I do any kind of cardio, my hands swell. So much that I can't wear my wedding ring when working out because it becomes so tight. Does anyone else experience this? Is there any way to prevent this? I drink lots of water, so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

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