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Over the past few days, I've started experiencing hamstring pain, which I think came from a combination of inadequate stretching after jogging and then doing a 90 minute yoga class the next day that focused entirely on forward bends and warrior 2 variations.

The pain has been mild enough that initially, I thought it might just be severe DOMS, but it feels more like a cramping feeling and it's stuck around a couple of days, so I'm resting now. If it's an actual strain, it's a mild Grade 1 strain, but I'm trying to treat it as if it were a strain anyway - RICE and then doing a few gentle strengthening exercises for supporting muscles (and after a few more days of rest, I'll do them for my hamstring too). I'd rather take care of it now than let it get worse and have a more serious problem on my hands.

My questions are these: Does anyone have any tips that helped them through rehabbing hamstring soreness? Tips to prevent it from happening again once it's better? For anyone else who's had pretty mild issues, how long did it take you to getting back to regular intensity exercise? I don't want to push this too quickly, but I also am already feeling antsy after 2 days!!!

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