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1/24/12 8:58 A

I also tend to make my own one-pot pasta dishes using whole grain pastas and fresh ingredients (although I rarely have pasta more than once a month, if that).

I admit, however, that I keep a single box of Hamburger Helper on hand in our pantry, usually the Mexican Chili Mac because it has a short cook time and only takes water and meat to prepare, unlike some others that require milk and/or butter. I usually make it using ground venison, spices (more salt would be major overkill, but it can stand plenty more chili, cumin and garlic) and *lots* of veggies. It's still high in sodium and the pasta is white, but the venison is generally lean and the veggies give it a little bit of a nutritional punch while increasing the number of portions, thus decreasing the sodium impact. It is packaged junk...but it can be improved and once in a blue moon, it's useful.

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1/24/12 8:55 A

awesome. 14 yr old my son thinks hamburger helper is a food group and will make a box for a snack

1/24/12 8:49 A

Thanks so much SUZL51!
I will check it out!
Have a great week!

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1/24/12 8:28 A

I found a SparkPeople recipe and made it the other night and my hubby and I loved it! If you go to the recipe finder, type in Cheesy Hamburger Casserole and locate it. It is easy to make and very yummy, but I hate green bell peppers, so I substituted red bell peppers instead and it worked just fine. My hubby said it tasted like Hamburger Helper but a LOT better and without all the sdoium and additives you get in boxed dinners, so give it a try. It makes enough for leftovers, too! Hope this helped! emoticon

HONEYFLOWER43 Posts: 1,420
1/24/12 8:14 A

I use it and like the taste, it is an easy alternative when I come home late. I always try to eat it with a vegtable dish.

1/24/12 7:59 A

Thank you NIRERIN! That is what I am talking about. I really like to discard the reg pasta and use whole grain and double that...or if rice, use brown rice! You would think someone would make a health one...wish I knew how, I have lots of ideas! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
1/24/12 7:39 A

i tend to prefer lipton sides to hamburger helper, but this is what i do to cut the sodium and other crap in them. i tend to buy the broccoli cheese or mushroom kinds. so when i make them, instead of using the Tablespoon of oil called for [or stick of butter or what have you. whatever fat it is they call for], i just add a teaspoon of olive oil. then about halfway through cooking, i add a box of chopped broccoli to the pot [you could do fresh and add it later, but this is one of my i don't want to cook meals, so opening things and tossing in is much easier]. then a few minutes later i will add a cup or two of beans [i cook from dried, then freeze in cup portions so i have the convenience of canned, but with the benefits of cooking from dried]. this tends to double the yield, drops the sodium [from about 670 to 400 a serving], and increases the fiber and protein. it's certainly not going to win any healthiest meal of the year prizes, but it's quick, easy and better than it was before.

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1/24/12 6:24 A

I don;t use Hamburger Helper because it is a processed food. I would make it from scratch instead
of using the package. It has too many hidden ingredients.

1/24/12 6:03 A

I keep seeing people making this product, but I find it high in sodium, etc. I have made it with double pasta, and used one with fiber, and added things like mushrooms. But I wondered if someone had a way they are making it that is healthy???

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