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11/8/11 8:22 A

ANDILH, I liked the idea of sending the candy overseas, but then the thought of giving our soldiers unhealthy treats doesn't seem right, so I can't get myself to donate the candy. I throw it away every year.

NRHYMES, your point about kids not even realizing the candy has been thrown out is so true! It's usually adults (myself included, lol) who think the kids are going to be traumatized, but the kids could care less. It's just like when I started changing the meals up to make them healthier. There were foods I thought the kids would really miss, but they didn't care. Kids are so adaptable.

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IFFUR77 Posts: 519
11/8/11 8:19 A

this is the only time that having a child with nut allergies helps me
since i only love peanut butter cups from the halloween there are none here to tempt me!!!!

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NRHYMES Posts: 108
11/7/11 9:24 P

We usually let the kids eat some that night--that's when they eat most of it. Then it goes up on top of the fridge where they can't get it and they forget about it and then it ends up in the trash. I even end up forgetting about it. It's better to just throw it away when they are at school or something--most kids won't even realize it's gone.

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ANDILH Posts: 1,444
11/7/11 4:44 P

Some of our local dentists buy the candy for $1 a pound, and then send it oversees to active duty military members. They pretty much always take donations of it as well.

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11/7/11 12:12 P

We do science experiements with it. The kids guess how long it will take each different kind of candy to melt and we place it in the oven on a cookie sheet. We take it out at 5 min intervals. Then we compare our guess to actual results. They love doing this and you would be shocked at what candies don't melt!

MOLLYSARAN Posts: 1,064
11/7/11 10:15 A

we freeze some of it for other occasions , like summer picnics or camping or birthday parties.

11/4/11 10:51 A

I'm about the same as most everyone else on here, I had always let my kids have a couple they got home from school and sometimes after dinner. I also always throw out or give away any that is left right before Thanksgiving.

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11/3/11 2:50 P

My daughter is still too little to eat her candy, so we kept a couple of our favorites and I sent the rest to work with DH. When I was teaching, I would see parents send one or two pieces in the lunch box as a treat, and that was how they let the kids have their candy in moderation.

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11/3/11 10:37 A

I let the kids have 3-4 pieces after dinner and I will throw the rest out at Thanksgiving

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11/3/11 10:19 A

Keep a few of your kids' favorite pieces and throw the rest out. If you need encouragement, read the ingredients. The junk they put in candy today is ridiculous.


Lugging around flab is way more of a drag than counting calories ever will be.
SPARK_MOM_OF_5 Posts: 20
11/3/11 3:43 A

Ya I'm gonna have to get rid of it asap because its too tempting.... LOL

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KPETSCHE Posts: 5,023
11/2/11 10:06 P

I give them a few days and then either freeze some of it or take it to work and get rid of it there.

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SPARK_MOM_OF_5 Posts: 20
11/2/11 9:06 P

OMG do we ever have a ton of it. However, how do we make childern learn to only havea few pieces when we loose control with it. And what do you do with you candy so you won't loose control?

"Treat yourself how you want others to treat you!"
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