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Halfway to my goal, and having FUN on the journey!

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Posts: 780
8/26/10 10:37 A

I am also half-way down (well, within half a kilo). I have 80 KILOS to lose, and as of this morning, have lost 39.5 kilos. emoticon
Simply one needs to decide to eat healthly, in a way that you can live with for the rest of your life. I also discovered that walking DECREASES my appitite.
I feel that if one is abandoning using food as a pick-me-up, you need to substitute it--- with music, crafts, activities, volunteer work, etc.
PS I am also having fun on this journey!

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Posts: 8
8/26/10 10:35 A

Enjoyed your positive and cheery attitude. I am enpowered by your experience. Keep up the gooood work emoticon

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Posts: 131
8/26/10 10:34 A

Well done and thanks for sharing.

Posts: 7,345
8/26/10 10:33 A

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 4
8/26/10 10:32 A

You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your success with us.

Posts: 5
8/26/10 10:30 A

I think it's the recommitting myself daily to eating well that's been the biggest challenge. We're so set up to reward ourselves for "good behavior" that my brain tells me it's okay to enjoy something I know I shouldn't after a string of good days.
Thanks for putting it so simply. Good work and stay at it!

Posts: 1,698
8/26/10 10:30 A

Very inspiring. Great job

Posts: 28
8/26/10 10:30 A

Congrats on being 1/2 the way there! I liked what you had to say, I think it is just being real with yourself. I like the idea of re-commiting to yourself everyday because healthy eating is an everyday event 3-4 times a day,7 days a week, and if we could all stop before we grab that sugary salty food ask ourselves why would we want to do that when there are healthier alternatives that could be just as satisfying. Then we would feel better because we made a better choice. Good luck on the rest of your journey, I know you will be there soon.

Posts: 124
8/26/10 10:30 A

You are so on your way ! Congratulations
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 21
8/26/10 10:29 A

Great job-Keep it up. You have already fought most of the battle.

SparkPoints: (35,557)
Fitness Minutes: (21,458)
Posts: 2,792
8/26/10 10:29 A

Thank you for your post. I was a remind to myself about why I am doing it.

Posts: 87
8/26/10 10:24 A

You have really summed it up! Thanks for putting in to words how so many of us feel. Gratitude.

Posts: 1,112
8/26/10 10:23 A

Great! Good luck on your goal..

Posts: 22
8/26/10 10:23 A

This was a great post. Very motivational for me. Thank you and good luck reaching your goal.

Posts: 4,926
8/26/10 10:22 A

emoticon I agree with you...Spark is not a tough diet, it is a way of life. It is not hard to follow, but it does take a little of you time. But what goals do not require some time and effort to achieve? Wishing much success for you!

SparkPoints: (15,404)
Fitness Minutes: (22,866)
Posts: 1,475
8/26/10 10:21 A

Thanks for sharing your success! Congrats on your weight loss thus far! And how appropriate that you lost 25 lbs. on the 25th of June. Continue plugging away and best wishes to you!

Posts: 145
8/26/10 10:20 A

Loved the e-mail! Good luck on your goal by Christmas! What a gift!

Posts: 146
8/26/10 10:19 A

Congrats on the 25th. Your blog is very helpful to me, who has lost about 13, gained a bit back during vacation and is now struggling to stay away from "snackies". Thanks for sharing.

Posts: 1
8/26/10 10:16 A

congratulations on your loss. your e-mail made me feel better as i had gained half a pound this a.m. and was very discouraged. Thank you for the inspiration. 1945karen

Online Now
Posts: 15
8/26/10 10:16 A

Your happiness and determination shine through your message. Keep up the good work.

Posts: 35
8/26/10 10:16 A

Yeah, it's not as people think it is. Dieting is totally doable despite what people think. Just eat the foods you love in smaller portions.

Posts: 3,514
8/26/10 10:15 A

Great job!!!! emoticon

Posts: 5,133
8/26/10 10:14 A

That is GREAT! Your dedication has shown us all that if you set your goals and learn to have fun along the way. You are an inspiration to those that have just gotten started.

Posts: 811
8/26/10 10:12 A

Thanks for the post! good positive vibes today! I have not found any weight to come off easily since my 20s. Im in my 40's now and it has been a real challenge. I know I can do it though, with the mindset of one pound at time in the right direction and no hurry, since it's the lifestyle, not a short term goal.

Posts: 2
8/26/10 10:10 A

Right on, girl!!!

Posts: 20
8/26/10 10:09 A

That is sooo awesome.I will turn 60 on 9/11. I have been dieting all my life just to stay 30 pounds overweight. I started Sparks end of June. It is fun, is a journey, is helpful to hear great accounts like yours, and rewarding to see weight come off painlessly. Thankyou for sharing. emoticon congrats

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Posts: 844
8/26/10 10:08 A

Keep up the good work

Posts: 1,517
8/26/10 10:08 A

Yeah---HooRay for you!!

Posts: 1
8/26/10 10:06 A

I love your post, your attitude! Thanks for sharing. I'm saving it as a 'sparkfavorite.' The element of choice, of giving yourself a gift, resonates with me. Way to go. Would love to hear an update in another month or so, and add you to my sparkfriends for motivation.

Best - Azrafaar

SparkPoints: (24,095)
Fitness Minutes: (39,229)
Posts: 31
8/26/10 10:04 A

Wow - you are so very confident and so very positive! Great attitude.

I am so proud of you - and very "sparked" by your story. I can't wait to hear you have met your total weight loss goal!

Posts: 408
8/26/10 10:04 A

Great job! That is awesome!

SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 21
8/26/10 10:04 A

I like that you said you re-commit every single day. I think that is an amazing way to look at this journey. Making the same commitment day after day to lead a healthy life. Kudos to you!!!

Posts: 13
8/26/10 10:03 A

Thanks for sharing! Stories like yours help me keep on going on days when I want to eat everything in the house! I've lost fifty pounds, and have another 120 to go, but I KNOW I can do it!

Love, Sherrie

Posts: 89
8/26/10 9:57 A

Congratulations and thanks for the advice and encouragement.

SparkPoints: (8,672)
Fitness Minutes: (6,905)
Posts: 126
8/26/10 9:55 A

Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder to HAVE FUN!

Posts: 1,070
8/26/10 9:54 A

Great inspiration! Appreciate your sharing. It gives the rest of us hope also.

Posts: 28
8/26/10 9:53 A


Posts: 260
8/26/10 9:52 A

Congratulations, keep up the good work.
I am a little over half way myself, it gives you power to think I CAN.
We can make it. emoticon

Posts: 8
8/26/10 9:52 A

Great job! If you can do it, I can too.

Posts: 11
8/26/10 9:51 A

Way to go! Good advice and keep up the GREAT work!

Posts: 4,647
8/26/10 9:51 A

Thanks for posting this. It is inspiring.

Posts: 1
8/26/10 9:48 A

That is FANTASTIC! Way to go! Congrats on your commitment and accomplishment!

Posts: 1
8/26/10 9:48 A

Great Job !!!! keep up the good work, you have inspired me to try Spark people...I only hope I can do as well as you are....

SparkPoints: (35,551)
Fitness Minutes: (64,090)
Posts: 1,417
8/26/10 9:46 A

Thanks for sharing. I so need to work on this more.

Posts: 1,143
8/26/10 9:46 A

Congratulations! Its wonderful to see that progress can be made and still enjoy what your are doing. You've come a long way. I tip my hat to you!

Posts: 4
8/26/10 9:45 A


Posts: 23
8/26/10 9:44 A

Congratulations! That is truly an inspiration for me! Wishing you continued success! emoticon

Posts: 151
8/26/10 9:44 A

emoticon Thank you for sharing!

SparkPoints: (9,681)
Fitness Minutes: (9,378)
Posts: 179
8/26/10 9:43 A

emoticon emoticon Thanks for the inspiration!!

Posts: 16
8/26/10 9:43 A

first,congratulation~and,keep going!!u`ll finally get ur goal!!!u really motive me!!!i`d like to be a refreshed person on my next birthday too!!!thanks 4 ur sharing!!

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