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Posts: 704
4/15/09 9:01 A

I think I might go home to my stylist and then just take lots of pictures and bring it to someone here. The fact of the matter is...they will be looking at pictures of ME and not someone else, so if they are qualified the result should not be hard to duplicate!

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Posts: 320
4/14/09 5:59 P

I think i'm going to do half up and half down.

Posts: 301
4/14/09 11:37 A

I think I'm going to have mine done in a salon, but will go in for a trial run first. I'm having a hard time choosing a salon in the area.

Posts: 1,157
4/13/09 11:10 A

I wanted to look like myself in my wedding photos so I had it pulled 1/2 up with the rest loose. I had a trial with my stylist and loved the look!

Posts: 129
4/13/09 10:42 A

I am getting mine done at a salon I have never been to. lol

Posts: 704
4/13/09 8:20 A

Who is having their hair done professionally...or by someone in your family/wedding party?

The style I want is pretty simple and my favorite hair stylist is 5 hours away (yeah...I really do drive that far for all of my cuts/colors/etc), but I won't be able to get to her since we have a rehearsal the night before...

Just trying to think of some options and am wondering what everyone else is up to.

Posts: 129
4/13/09 6:08 A

I am doing mine partially up so it will hold my veil up with the swoosh bangs. I have very straight long hair. So it is going to be all about the hair spray that day lol

Posts: 145
4/12/09 12:24 P

Here's a pic of my hair. I had long hair & knew that it would drive me nuts if it were all the way down, so we came up with this updo. Loved it!

Posts: 1,572
4/6/09 8:45 P

I'm also doing a half up, half down style with loose curls. My fiance loves my hair down and I do as well. My hair is quite long and thick and it's often painful to have it up for too long. I also get bothered when it's in my face, so I decided half up would be the perfect style!

I never see styles I like in wedding magazines, but I've browsed through celebrity hairstyles and looked on random websites. Even though the marriage didn't last, I love Jessica Simpson's wedding hair.

Posts: 167
4/6/09 12:33 P

I was having the same problem. I have long hair and my fiance likes it down,but I think an updo will be easier to deal with for a beach wedding. And I would like to show off the back of my dress, so I think your dress is going to dictate your decision also.

Posts: 26
4/6/09 11:50 A

I think half up or all the way down suits me the most. I have seen a few very pretty up dos, but I have also seen some that looked a little promish!

Posts: 92
4/1/09 4:40 P

I did mine half up and curled with a side swept bang

Posts: 62
3/31/09 9:42 P

I have very long straight hair and want to do a half up half down do. But I can't find one I like! I am gtting married on the beach and then having an indoor reception. I sure would appreciate any suggestions!

Posts: 10
3/31/09 1:13 P

A lot of this year's brides are going more soft and romantic with their hair. It is not all about smooth volume and sleek updos any more. This works out very nicely for those of us who are having outdoor weddings. Being a hair stylist myself, your best bet is just to discuss it with your stylist and do what works best with your hair type/length, personality, and venue.

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3/29/09 4:14 A

I'm gettin gmy traditional hair cut as I always have it the day before the wedding, then at 9am the day of the wedding I'm getting it braded down my back - very simple, no upkeep

Posts: 277
3/27/09 7:06 P

it all depends on what ur dress looks like as well...u want it to compliment the dress. I'm doing a loose bun with nice soft curls.

Posts: 474
3/27/09 1:27 P

I can't decide. I had picked out an updo...but I have VERY long hair. Not sure it will work. So I think I am still looking for an updo that will work with really long hair.....

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Posts: 704
3/27/09 11:15 A

I think I'm gonna do a half up/ half down do for my wedding. We're getting married in a garden. But, if I don't do at least some of it up, there will be nothing for my veil to hang on to--I have super fine hair.

Posts: 4
3/26/09 10:37 P

A cute popular style now is braids which would be good, usually a loose french braid. it would go well with your outdoor wedding too.

Posts: 13,511
3/26/09 6:21 P

I love that style sparky G it is very pretty

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Posts: 206
3/26/09 3:51 P

try a loose updo:

Posts: 301
3/25/09 11:02 A

How are you wearing your hair for your wedding? Where have you gotten inspiration? I have long hair but don't know what to do with it for my outdoor wedding. I'm afraid if I keep it down it will blow in the wind too much, but a smooth updo might not handle a breeze either. Any suggestions?

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