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10/31/12 7:32 P

How satisfying that must have been for you. Sometimes when we see someone, or ourselves, every day, it is harder to notice the changes. It really hits home when it has been a while making the changes obvious.


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10/28/12 3:39 P

What a terrific non-scale victory for you!! I know you worked very hard to loose all that weight. I join your aunt in being happy that you are so much healthier and look so great. Keep up the good work!

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10/28/12 2:55 P

That's an awesome feeling!

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10/28/12 2:44 P

Fantastic. I am so glad for you.

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10/28/12 7:00 A

emoticon That's awesome!

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10/28/12 1:48 A

This was the aunt who had previously told my mother that she was "shocked" at my size (back when I was 200+lbs and didn't see them often) after I visited them. She couldn't say enough about how good I looked, and said that she was happy that I was at a healthy weight. Our family has a really bad history of blood pressure/stroke issues so she is always very concerned when anybody is overweight. It was nice to hear how good I looked from someone who hadn't seen me in awhile :)

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