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4/16/11 11:24 P

I have a Timex HRM that cost under 25.00 came with chest strap and everything works great, hubby got himself a Omron HRM at walgreens for about 30 bucks also with chest strap and what not (both tell time, calorie burn count, heart rate [target and other] .. was looking at the polar ones but to pricy for our budget so we work with what we have and well from what I've seen they work just as well might not be compatible with the local gym equipment, but that isn't a big issue since we don't do the gym any more and well any equipment we own doesn't have such trappings.

4/16/11 3:46 P

I just bought a polar ft7, it was $99.xx at Meijer, but I was able to use my Meijer cc and get 15% off. I have been very happy with it.

4/16/11 3:44 P

Try googling it, checking amazon and last I saw had some good reviews on HRM.

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4/16/11 3:29 P

Thanks for asking this question. I'm beginning to realize that I am going to need a HRM but I really don't have much money to spend.

What about Garmins? Can some break down the difference between Polars and Garmins? Pros/Cons/features/etc?

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4/16/11 3:15 P

I have owned both a Polar F6 and the current model FT7.

I bought the FT7 from for $88 + free shipping. sells them for approx $110.

The great thing with FT7 is you can change your own battery instead of mailing the HRM in to an athorized dealer to have it changed which costs about $75 total.

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4/16/11 2:46 P

I think the thread title says it all! I'm looking to spend closer to $100 not $200.

Thanks for any input!

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