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I usually only wear my HRM when I'm doing cardio and weights at the gym and I wear it the whole time. I will wear it if I'm doing something that my pedometer doesn't track, like biking. At the end of the day I add up minutes and calories burned. Never 100% sure that it is all accurate, but I'm maintaining where I want to be so I guess it's OK.

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2/20/14 4:14 P

HRM's are calibrated for the way your heart responds for the muscles' demand for oxygen during AEROBIC exercise. They will not produce accurate results for ANAEROBIC exercise such as strength training.

While HRM's are useful for activities where the intensity of exercise is hard to measure objectively (eg. aerobics), HRM's are not completely reliable - high blood pressure and some medications can lead to a higher heart rate than the exercise itself warrants. This can mean that HRMs can overestimate the calories burned.

Perhaps check your HRM against an exercise where the intensity can be more objectively estimated (eg. walking) with an online calculator.


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Hi guys, I read online that the calorie counters on the machines aren't very accurate so I saved up $$$ and bought myself an HRM and it finally arrived today! During the the time I didn't have one, I was taking whatever calories the machine said I burned - dividing them in half and tracking that number instead. I started using my HRM today and I was very surprised about how much I was actually burning during my work-outs. I tracked it in the fitness tracker and now Spark People is giving me a much larger calorie estimate than I was eating before. Should I trust this number and try to eat within this range going forward?

Also, should I use the HRM to track calories burned during strength work-outs? I tend to lift about 3 days a week.

Any advice/information is appreciated!

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