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4/22/09 8:53 P

I prefer any type of rice as a filler rather than a stand alone. Sauted peppers, onion, and mushrooms make anything taste yummy. If you just want the rice, try hot sauce. Texas Pete has saved many bland dishes.

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BREEZY823 Posts: 52
4/22/09 8:51 P

onions and garlic.

4/22/09 4:45 P

Sweet: add cinnamon, splenda & ff milk

Spicy: hot sauce, mrs dash or whatever you like

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4/22/09 4:40 P

Use the vegetable(or meat) stock in the boiling water. Add garlic, if you like the taste.

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4/22/09 4:35 P

I love brown rice! I sometimes add a little salt or some pepper or other herbs. I do make it with chicken stock sometimes, but not always.

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FRESSHAY Posts: 62
4/22/09 4:23 P

I like the idea of cooking it in broth or stock. I might have to try that as I am find brown rice yuck.
Thanks for the ideas

SWISSMISS8 Posts: 1,188
4/22/09 4:17 P

I have given up on rice, bread and pasta.

It just is not worth all the calories to me.

I mean, even plain brown rice has 220 calories for a cup.


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EMACFAR Posts: 1,210
4/22/09 3:21 P

As stir fry. Or add some spices or veggies and mix it up!

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
4/22/09 3:20 P

I will saute a little onion, garlic and celery in some evoo and then cook that with the rice in some good chicken stock... I think it's College Inn that has a fantastic rotisserie chicken stock that is sooo flavorful! It may add calories but it's also some protein and the flavor can't be beat!

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ABAM206 Posts: 418
4/22/09 3:07 P

a little bit a soy sauce or even hot sauce will give it a hint of flavor :)

4/22/09 2:29 P

sometimes you can cook it in some broth

MARJIJANE Posts: 2,276
4/22/09 2:22 P

I make a 3 bean "chili" that is great on top of prepared brown rice. Actually, the "chili" had no chili in it and it tastes like my mom's old baked bean recipe... I stumbled on the flavor combination by accident!


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LOVINGWOLF911 Posts: 2,843
4/22/09 2:21 P

I tried brown rice but I just never really liked it but I will try cooking it with chicken broth for more flavor. Also the suggestion of mixing white rice with the brown rice may work as well. unfortantly my husband doesn't like rice at all.

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4/22/09 2:16 P

I put fine chopped celery and tomato in my brown rice and usually put some beans on top.

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4/22/09 2:13 P

I make a nice herbed rice with it. It makes a nice side dish.

I add either chicken stock or bouillon and then a bunch of minced garlic, parsley and some grated lemon peel. It comes out wonderful and makes such a flavorful side dish.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,152
4/22/09 2:00 P

Mix one cup brown rice with one cup of grated apple. It tastes good and has a nice texture. I usually eat this cold or room temp.

MARI7167 Posts: 2,448
4/22/09 1:31 P

I throw it in soups and stews. Also, I've heard that using a rice cooker is the best way to cook brown rice.

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LACYDEE94 Posts: 183
4/22/09 1:19 P

all the suggestions sound good. I am looking forward to trying some different ways.

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TWOSTICKS Posts: 1,761
4/22/09 1:04 P

I'm having bronw rice for lunch. Made it with some beef stock for flavour and am adding beans and some salsa.

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OMALLEYM04 Posts: 29
4/22/09 12:55 P

I like to add scallions - so good.

ELLSKI85 Posts: 4,095
4/22/09 12:37 P

Throw some salsa into your brown rice and it gives it a mexican flavor with out many calories!

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4/22/09 10:15 A

I almost ALWAYS add garlic, and I always cook it in low sodium chicken broth. If I am making a stir-fry, I also add ginger, and maybe a tiny splash of soy sauce. :)

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ROSIE412 Posts: 2
4/22/09 10:12 A

Thanks for all the great input ....Looking forward to the taste test.

UNA_NICOLE Posts: 688
4/22/09 9:33 A

Reduced sodium chicken broth and I over cook it quite a bit...

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JILL2361 Posts: 199
4/22/09 9:25 A

I bake it in the oven in chicken stock and a tablespoon of butter, even my kids like it that way.

4/22/09 9:25 A

I cook it in low fat veggie or chicken broth instead of water. You could also just add herbs to the water. Make sure you're broth or bouillon is low sodium if you watch that kind of thing.

CINDERS01 Posts: 434
4/22/09 9:20 A

I add veggies to mine. Sometimes I add a 1/2 tsp low fat margarine, low sodium soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and if you like it, hot sauce.

JPRAHL Posts: 917
4/22/09 9:20 A

I'm having brown rice for lunch today - with black beans and bell peppers. It's really delicious.

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4/22/09 9:10 A

Honey, salt and pepper

I also go with lemon juice, lemon zest and thyme

A little olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar

Or veg oil, rice vinegar and ginger.

GOODY1 Posts: 1,917
4/22/09 9:03 A

add chicken broth any broth for that matter besides water. I made it with beef broth last night for a stir fry.

TAOJ11 Posts: 26
4/22/09 8:53 A

I like to add tomatoes or raisins/currents with cinnamon which add lots of flavor. Basically just add flavors you like or match what you are eating with the rice and veggies or fruit are the healthiest to add.

4/22/09 8:39 A

I use chicken or beef stock and veggies

SGROVE1 Posts: 1,311
4/22/09 8:34 A

soy sauce

MS24GAL Posts: 4,012
4/22/09 8:27 A

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4/22/09 8:27 A

I add about 1 tbsp of BBQ sauce to the water prior to adding the rice. Then add the rice.. gives it a nice taste.

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4/22/09 8:17 A

My husband and daughter will only eat brown rice with parmesan (sp?) cheese.

4/22/09 7:38 A

Thanks for the question and the suggestions. I threw the rice into a chicken broth/vegetable soup last week and that worked pretty well. Looking forward to trying these other suggestions.

CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
4/22/09 4:49 A

i make brown rice wt mushrooms and carrots. the recipe is linked on my SP page ;)

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4/22/09 2:50 A

My family enjoys egg fried rice made with brown rice. You cook you rice and let it cool (so the rice is not sticking together). Mix 2-3 eggs (depending on how much rice) and low sodium soy sauce, heat a pan and add a some olive oil, add rice and mix until heated pour in egg mixture and stir until rice is coated with egg, cook until egg is cooked. I like to add shredded carrots and peas.

BARBIEGIRL0457 Posts: 126
4/22/09 1:05 A

I put some onion mix in it while boiling , it's good

you can do it as a treat as we do it around here ..

cook it with fatfree milk , brown suger ,cinnamon, chopped toasted nuts and dried chopped fruits , it's so nice

4/22/09 12:50 A

I use brown rice to make sushi. My husband and son love it.

4/22/09 12:42 A

Throw sodium to the wind...add some soya sauce

4/22/09 12:06 A

Add veggies. You may want to wean yourself off of white rice. Start mixing the white rice with the brown rice until there is no white rice left.

4/21/09 11:47 P

Add hot sauce!

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NENE-O Posts: 142
4/21/09 10:51 P

Cook it in 0 sodium vegetable or chicken stock....then add 1 TBSP of salsa per serving with it to make it moist.

The peppers in the salsa will warm you up thermogenically. And the tomatoes are excellent for you as well.

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4/21/09 10:49 P

make kind of like a stir fry with veggies & grilled chicken. that's my suggestion and it sounds good even with brown rice.

I like the broth idea that's been mentioned. I'm sure that would taste good too!


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ABMEYER Posts: 814
4/21/09 10:36 P

Mix warm brown rice with organic mixed baby greens and add low cal dressing of your choice (Annie's Goddess dressing is good, but not low cal.)

4/21/09 10:30 P

Sometimes I have added chicken broth, green onions, red peppers and roasted almonds with a dash of pepper. It really changes the flavor and the crunchy nutty flavor is very good in there.

STARLINA Posts: 1,105
4/21/09 10:21 P

Instead of cooking with water, add chicken or beef broth. It adds a ton of flavor for such little calories. You can also throw in garlic, onions, and try playing around with different seasonings. Just throw it all into the pot and let it cook with the rice.

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ROSIE412 Posts: 2
4/21/09 10:05 P


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