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11/29/13 4:41 P

When I was a kid, Wheeling, WV was a lovely small city. Lots of places to go, and things to do. Now, we are a dead town. I know things are bad everywhere. One way or another.

11/29/13 3:46 P

I can sum up where I live in one word - Arizona.

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11/28/13 12:11 P

I think all big cities have their good & bad points. Have seen recent articles on Detroit & how vacant lots are being turned into gardens. Very nice. As for our town, economically doing fine [world tourism]. We live on an island-Alaska Inside Passage. [was born in Michigan - family there].

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11/27/13 5:21 P

I was born and raised in Detroit.(51 years) Moved out of Detroit to Mesa AZ 4 years ago. Not because the city was SOOO bad but my daughter moved so I did to be close to my grandkids. I LOVE Detroit..yes there are bad places/spots but that is in any city you may go.The recession was/is nation wide. Detroit is a beautiful and wonderful city. The people are hurting but are strong and WILL survive ! It also makes me mad when all we hear is how terrible it is. I feel more love there from strangers than anywhere else I have been. I miss you all !! I pray that the city will recover very soon.

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11/27/13 1:54 A

Thanks for your informative reply to my questioning the situation in Detroit. I guess what I felt was that I don't know how the media can compare Detroit's crisi as bring the worst! It is not New Orleans, or even devastated like having a hurricane go thru. I do understand the financial aspect though. But I also didn't like that they made Detroit look like a ghost town. I grew up there, and live just outside of it. I still go into the city, went to college 8 years there. Now still enjoy a lot of activities there. thanks, eva. Someone had a post with beautiful picture of Detroit, I liked that portrail, as opposed to us being abandon. P.S. It is funny when movies, suggest Detroit to be a murder capital! I think who are they talking about?

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11/25/13 11:24 P

I guess I'm not really sure what your specific question is. If you are asking "What happened to Detroit?" I can tell you that it is a combination of factors including, but not limited to, the flight of people and businesses leaving Detroit after the 1967 riots, a reliance on a single industry (automotive) that has seen a sharp decline and sent jobs to other states and overseas, and generalized corruption and mismanagement on a number of levels. Are you asking, "Why haven't casinos helped Detroit?" I feel that the casinos are not the draw that they were initially hyped-up to be and while they contribute to the city's tax base, they simply don't generate enough revenue to sustain it.
You ask the question who are you to believe and what is your reality? Well, those are rather existential questions that could be asked of anything really.
My reality of Detroit is this: Detroit is a city with a long way too go, but in a position to rebuild itself in a unique way. While the bankruptcy is disheartening there are a lot of people here looking to restart. Since it is a relatively cheap place to live, it's attracting a lot of younger people, artists and entrepreneurs who are looking for a place that will afford them opportunities that may be much more difficult in places like NY or LA. I live just outside of Detroit City limits and I love this area! You say that the traffic is bad and compared to other major cities I've been to it's not bad at all! I see people walking and riding bikes along the Riverwalk and around Campus Martius all the time! The media loves to show urban decay, but that doesn't make it the whole story.
If are are unsure of what Detroit is or can become, I invite you to stop by the ice rink at Campus Martius, sip a cocktail at the Sugar House, stroll through the DIA, have the happy hour burger at Roast (or a coney at Lafayette!), don your craziest costume for the Marche du Nain Rouge and do your thang at the techno festival. Maybe your reality is somewhere in there.

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11/25/13 9:01 P

There are many factors that decay a city. Once defined as public servants, over time, served themselves with all the benefits such as pay raises, bonus, total health care, and generous pensions, things now the city can not afford to pay
That aside I have been downtown Detroit many times. I took along my 10 speed bike and rode along the Detroit Riverwalk, around Belle Isle, and through the streets of downtown. I have taken many pictures along the way. The Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Public Library are places I like to visit. I have had 10 of my pictures on display at the library.

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11/25/13 7:11 P

I live 45 minutes north of Grand Rapids. We live in the country and go into the city when we have to. I've been to some very nice areas in Detroit and mostly stayed away from the bad areas. Grand Rapids has its own problems, but again there are nicer spots and not so nice parts.

I read that they are tearing out some abandoned neighborhoods in Detroit to develop a community garden. That is such a cool idea and I hope it works!

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11/25/13 7:04 P

I miss my hometown and no place will ever have the same sparkle for me that Detroit has. I grew up seeing the decay Mayor Young began. It got worse until Archer tried his best. Sadly Detroit has been plagued by a bad rep since the late 60's and the race riots. It got a whole new bad "viewing" from movies i.e. Robo Cop and BHC. What folks fail to see is its beauty. The people. The immense culture. Theaters, music, museums and festivals abound! The oldest farmers market in north America! I believe Belle Isles aquarium was also a first. I'm 7th generation Detroit and given half the chances that other cities have been given, those folks will make her shine once again. I have to keep that faith.

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11/25/13 6:54 P

My town is really going in the hole since a big power plant company will be shutting down and our taxes went through the roof when the plant got sold now it's going to shut down in a few years so taxes will be going up again and now that's not even counting in the new taxes for the new high school they are building.

GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
11/25/13 5:53 P

I also live about 15 minutes north of Detroit. Although I have never lived in the city I am really angered by most of the media portrayals of Detroit. I was always taught that if you say something bad about something you also have to find the good in that same thing.

Yes there is a lot of decay in Detroit but there is also a lot of revitalization. About 10 years ago I did some work in a community garden. Pretty much the homes around the area were being held up by each other but the people were trying to make a go of what they had.

Hopefully with the new mayor we will begin to see some of the decay go away or be turned into something good. However, the people of Detroit also need to change their mind set. It would not surprise me that if the former mayor, the one serving 28 years in federal prison for racketeering, ran for office again, he may be re-elected. Bunnykicks, thank you for posting the link to the "goog" pictures. Unfortunately, the one of the Belle Isle Conservatory must be many years old. I remember it looking like that when I was very young. Now it is closed and in need of repair. The state has recently taken over the Isle and hopefully will bring it back to it old glory.

As for Rob Ford making our city look better, not really. Then former mayor of Detroit served 18 months in state prison and has gone on to serve 28 years in federal prison for the racketeering he has done in Detroit.

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11/25/13 11:31 A

Ours isn't so much city as entire state - I live in Illinois and work for a state university and our pension is in the billions unfunded and now they are telling us that since the state stole from the pension, we now have to contribute more and they will contribute less to try and make up the shortfall even though we've done what we were supposed to do all along.....AND the crooks that stole from us have no consequences and no punishment!

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
11/25/13 8:44 A

I love where I live.

There are always negative aspects to anything. We can focus on the negative or focus on the positive. I choose the latter.

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11/25/13 7:45 A

I live in Austin and actually our city is booming. Hundreds of people are moving here monthly and the housing is also growing. I feel for the citizens of Detroit. I am originally from the Midwest.

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11/25/13 2:27 A

Online Now  • ))
We're in pretty good shape actually!!!!

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11/24/13 11:43 P

I live about 20 minutes from Detroit and go there fairly often for Eastern Market, or to attend something at one of the theatres. The people who pay ridiculous amounts for parking or to attend all those events are from out of town generally, and most of those paid parking lots are owned by private companies, so the profits from that don't go to the city.
The city being in such financial ruin is far more than the casinos could ever pull it out of, even if the money went entirely to the city instead of being dispersed for different funds state wide. The city politicians driving city cars are a large part of the financial mismanagement that has led Detroit to be in this position.
I agree that it does seem like the media is taking great glee in making Detroit look as bad as possible, but the city is making it easy for them. Once beautiful buildings are left to rot and decay and become places where people live, commit crimes, do drugs, or steal the treasures from inside. Tiger Stadium was left to fall apart on its own for years before it was torn down. By the time it was actually torn down, most of the seats had been taken by private citizens who went through holes in the fencing that were never fixed.
I have been to other major cities around the country, and even in other countries, who deal with their situations in a much better fashion. Detroit has been plagued by mismanagement, greedy dishonest politicians, and people who keep voting those politicians into office.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/24/13 8:08 P

(as far as city crises go - just say the two words, "Rob Ford" - and whatever crisis your own city is in, suddenly doesn't seem so bad... lol... )

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/24/13 8:06 P

I've never been to Detroit and I agree with you, the press is bad... and I feel certain, very unfairly so. I have an online friend who lives in the "The Thumb" and so I have perhaps paid more attention to "how Detroit is portrayed" than I would have otherwise...

And then one day I came across this photo series posted on Reddit from a Redditor that had had enough seeing his (or her) city shown only and always as a "decrepit defunct ghost town" and decided to share some photos of Detroit's beautiful places. Here you go, hope it cheers you

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11/24/13 7:22 P

Life is full of learning lessons and this is one of them. There's no time left to play the blame game. The past is history and tomorrow is a new day. Thousands of people have volunteered their time and efforts and are making progress. Whether they are feeding the homeless, boarding up homes, cleaning littered lots, or planting trees they are making a positive difference. The least one can do is write your representatives with you ideas, comments, and suggestion, I have.
Making a positive difference in the world begins with you.....Please step forward

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11/24/13 6:48 P

I live in Michigan! I watch the news, and they really do play up the worst points! We had a crooked major, a lot of people are out of work, we have no money, animals running in streets starving to death. I only live 15-20 minutes outside of Detroit. It makes me feel like I don't even live in the same state. Where I am ,nothing like that is going on, to that extent. I just think that although it is going on in Detroit, all areas aren't in as bad of shape as they want you to think in the media. We haven't been wiped out, and destroyed by a hurricane. there was no great flood to wipe away all our loved ones and pets, and lovely hood. We don't have forest fires or a lot of sink holes, and no home to come back too. Traffic in Detroit is always bumper to bumper, I don't see everybody walking or riding bikes. It has not become a tent city for the homeless. I still people paying for ridiculous fees for parking, car races, baseball games, concerts, plays, and restaurants. I don't understand why the taxes from gambling in the casinos and lottery tickets don't pull Detroit out of the hole financially? Politicians are still using city cars for pleasure. And we still pay high taxes so they can eat at the most expensive restaurants, or vacation spots. So what am I to believe about Detroit, when I too feel like someone who is visiting from out of state. I was raised in Detroit, and still love knowing that I grew up here. I still have pride, that it is are not a ghost town. Some people from the media who came, who were taken on joy rides to abandon area buildings, were visually deceived to believe that we are abandoned. Who am I to believe? What is my reality? eva.

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