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6/14/12 7:40 P

I am doing high intensity interval training and strength training through Turbo Fire. The cardio interval trainings are always every other day and not back to back, and the strength is paired with it afterward since the cardio sessions are short 15- 30 minutes. On the off days, it's usually normal cardio.

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6/14/12 5:08 P

With both of these, it's important to get 24-48 hours of rest after working out. HIIT by its very nature is hard on your body, and leaves you wiped out. You can try and do them on the same day, but whatever you do first will make it harder to do the second. If you do HIIT first, your strength training will suffer ,and if you strength train first, your HIIT will suffer.

POOCHMARIE28 Posts: 59
6/14/12 4:13 P


Is anyone doing high intensity interval cardio coupled with strength training a week.

Do you do these every other day, or double up?

How often do you rest?

Any information would be great.

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