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POEKSTER Posts: 20,814
10/23/07 6:58 A

I use the nike+ Ipod Interval/strenght/hill etc excercises for running. I do it on my hartrate as I do when I run ...

NANCYJAC Posts: 11,488
10/22/07 11:52 A

Intensity is a very individual thing based on any given person's current fitness level, so there is really no way anybody else can suggest specific settings for you. But the general idea of HIIT is to alternate intervals of high intensity with lower intentsity recovery periods. So you just need to experiment with the setting to see how high you can set resistance and incline and maintain speed. Try to maintain that intense level for 2-3 minutes and then dial it back to about 1/2 that intensity for 3-5 minutes.

LIVSMPLY Posts: 78
10/22/07 11:42 A

On the Spark People Elliptical Interval workout, can you tell me where the 2 minute rests are? do you build those in after each interval? So meaning a 26 minute beginner workout would still need to add on several 2 minute rest periods?

LMCWIL Posts: 146
6/14/07 11:16 A

I like to use the "Hill" setting, and each time it gets to the "hilltop", I speed up for anywhere from 30-45 seconds of the Hill interval (where the hilltop lasts one minute). I will try to get it up to 115 RPMs or more. As I get tired out, I may skip a few hilltops, or include some moderate-intensity intervals (like 90 RPMs).

I also like to intersperse with backwards intervals at about 90-100 RPMs. When i'm in the valley, I let the RPMs drop down anywhere from 45 (when i'm really tired!) or 85.

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
6/14/07 10:08 A

Here's a link to the Sparkpeople elliptical interval workouts:

I usually use the settings on the elliptical machine then adjust resistance and incline to my liking for the appropriate RPE. It usually ends up being two minutes up, then two minutes recovery.

88DAYS Posts: 9
6/14/07 12:02 A

I think I read a tip in one of the articles here about going at high intensity for the first minute of a song (assuming you listen to music when you work out), then slow down for the rest of it. Repeat.

This is what I do when I do HIIT on the elliptical. For the first minute I up the resistance and go at around 180 spm. For the rest of the song I lower the resistance a bit and slowed down to around 130 spm.

6/13/07 2:52 P

When I was doing HIIT on the elliptical (I now just ride my bike), this is what I did:

Warmup: 10 minute brisk walk to the gym
HIIT: 12 minutes of 20 second intervals
Cooldown: 15 minute walk uphill home

My intervals were: 20 seconds sprinting (or as close I could do that on an elliptical), 20 seconds slow jog
(repeated over and over)

At first, my jogging intervals were a bit longer to help me catch my breath enough to finish the entire duration. I stopped using the elliptical around the time I would have tried extending the whole thing to 15 minutes. Then maybe 20 minutes.

During this time (~1 month), I _definitely_ noticed quicker lean-ness than I had during months of 30-60 minute long endurance cardio.

6/13/07 11:21 A

I usually do this... (my warm-up is walking to the gym). I do 4 minutes at level 2 resistance at the regular incline... then I do 2 minutes at 6 resistance at the highest incline... then 4 at 2 regular incline... then 2 at 6 highets incline and so on. I usually go for about 30 mins and then I cool down for 5 mins... sometimes if I feel up to it I go longer. Where is your stress fracture? I had one in my ankle not too long ago.

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6/5/07 9:49 A

I don't know if SP has HIIT for the elliptical but I do know that has had HIIT schedules for all types of cardio machines in the may want to boggie over to and do a search. So sorry to hear of your's to a speedy recovery.


6/5/07 9:27 A

I have a stress fracture right now so I am limited to low-impact cardio. I'm interested in trying a HIIT routine on the elliptical. I've read lots of very generic routines. Does anyone have a specific routine (time, level, resistance) they use? Up until a few weeks ago, I was runnning about 30 MPW and cross training so my cariovascular endurance is pretty good. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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