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10/5/11 10:43 A

The author failed to mention that in a 2009 study by Renee; LeBlanc, Blaise; Schnoll, Roseanne; et al. (found trace amounts of mercury within NINE of the twenty samples involved, having likely leached into the solutions during the process of their creation. That's 45%, if my math is correct. I would like to see her comment on this. Thank you

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10/9/10 8:03 A

This articles is not new as I earned points for reading it in 2007. The key point I would like to point out is that recent studies are funded by the Corn Refiners Association and are probably biased. The good part of the articles is that she has suggestions on how to cut calories.

"High fructose corn syrup has received a lot of blame and bad press lately. Recent marketing campaigns funded by the Corn Refiners Association have tried to improve the reputation of high fructose corn syrup, calling it "natural" among other things. However, it's important to note that the word “natural” doesn't mean much. This common food-labeling term is NOT regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)"

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10/8/10 11:11 P

I think they are bad for us. In my opinion the food manufacturers want to use it because it's cheap. The article below shocked and disappointed me. The Sparks dietician admits she didn't read the research when she said HFCS is not good. Now (this week, at least) she says it's fine. I absolutely disagree.

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10/7/10 9:42 A

You might repeat the story or give a link to it as other may not know it is bad for you and why. The TV Commercials say "its just corn sugar" and they are getting FDA to change the label from HFCS to Corn Sugar!

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10/7/10 1:05 A

Have any of you noticed these?

If I didn't already despise hfcs for sneaking into everyday foods, I would now.

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