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5/23/13 7:29 A

Congrats on quitting smoking!

I can understand that giving up the sugar craving isn't as simple as just not keeping it in the house. I struggled for a long time with my sweet tooth. I found the harder I exercised, the less willing I was to put the food in my mouth that would put the weight on in the first place.

Do I still crave? Heck yes I do. keep track of my calories to know where in my range I am. If I can afford to have a S'More that I am craving, I will let myself have it ONLY if I am still within my calorie range and can afford to give up the 200 calories.

It's hard work but don't beat yourself up. You will win, you will fail. We all do. The important thing is to dust yourself off and try again.

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5/23/13 12:03 A

Welcome to Spark People! There is so much good information on this site, and such a supportive community. Perhaps when you get your next craving, distract yourself by reading a new article here! :)
If you are depressed about your situation up until now, have you considered talking to your doctor about that? Depression can be overwhelming, and sometimes difficult to lift yourself out of it without some outside help.... (Been there, done that....You are NOT alone!!)
And speaking of doctors, have you asked yours to rule out any medical problems that might be hindering your ability to control your weight?? Not everything in life hinges on "Will Power"---there is often a medical reason--so don't put yourself down again until you have checked.

Congrats on the quitting smoking last year--that is a Major Accomplishment!! And if you've decided to join Spark People--you've made another good decision for yourself. If you can make even one good decision a day--small things like adding in some veggies and fruit, drinking more water--you are helping yourself! Its a long slow process, but You Can Do It!! Start with small goals while you learn the resources available here, ask for help as you already have done, and you are on your way to a healthier you. There is also a free time period you can access the experts at Spark Coach--( after that is like $9.00 a month). Take advantage of it, and have them guide you as you start out!! :) Above all---don't give up---others have succeeded and there's nothing stopping you from doing it too!

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5/22/13 11:57 P

Firstly, well done in quitting smoking. That is one of the best things you can do for your health.

One thought is not giving chocolate and the like houseroom. If it is not immediately to hand, you are less likely to succumb to temptation?


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5/22/13 10:56 P

I feel like an addict writing in this message board. I have to admit I am a sugar addict. yes I crave it, i find it, i seek it out i hide it. i get it and it gets to my belly every time. I have stopped smoking last year due to septic shock and have gained over 30 ilbs. it is all fat, i feel like a giant whale with an elephant face. i hate it. every day i tell myself today will be a new day, and it never is. it is at night that the cravings, desire for chocolate creep in and take over my body like a out of body force. i cave in and indulge and feel like a pig afterwards and swear never to do it again but i do. I need will power and motivation and i have none. Any comments or help would be appreciated/ I want to loose weight i just have no motivation. my lowest weight was 104 and now is my heighest at 170. I know i am probably depressed but i want to snap out of it.

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