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3/21/14 2:41 P

I'm happy for you. I quit 5 years ago this coming September. I was worried about the weight etc. and actually it took me a long time to decide I didn't care if I put on a couple of pounds I wanted to quit. Quit cold turkey and so happy I did. I also kept a couple of cigs in a pack just in case, but I never needed them. This has been the longest time I quit for and I know I will never smoke again. The Chantix can cause nightmares, which did happen to a friend of mine. I will be here if you need encouragement. It is definitely one of the best things I have ever done.

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3/21/14 10:29 A

Good for you Peggy! I quit smoking 4 years ago and like you, I tried many times before it actually happened. I tried Chantix, but didn't like the idea of taking medication that effects the brain's chemistry, so only did two weeks. It was several years later, and many mornings of waking up saying "I'm not going to smoke today" before I made that statement a fact. I did it cold turkey - and it was with the help of Spark People. I joined the quit smoking team and joined their challenges and took it one day at a time. I think the hardest time for me was getting into the car - the first thing I always did was light up, so I kept plastic drinking straws cut to cigarette size in the car - being able to hold the faux cigarette helped. When I quit I had about a half of a pack of cigarettes left and I know that everyone says to throw them out, but I didn't until many months later. Just knowing they were there created less anxiety for me, but after the first four days, I was feeling much better, breathing better and didn't want to go back to the morning smoker's cough and never touched those cigarettes again. Take it one day at a time and celebrate each day of being smoke free. You can do it!

3/20/14 10:09 A

I've decided it is time to stop smoking. I'm doing all these other good things for my body but still keep puffing away at these darn cigarettes.
Went to the doc yesterday and got a script for Chantix. (need all the help I can get). I start taking them today. They list a ton of side effects but "cold turkey" simply hasn't worked for me and the patches and lozenges and gum still have nicotine in them which I'm trying to get away from.
The Chantix says to stop cigs anywhere from day 5 to day 35 so thought I'd wait a couple of weeks to actually try quitting so the stuff can build up in my system. Quit date is planned for April 3rd (Mom & Dad's anniversary).
I would like to hear from those who have kicked the habit. Please share techniques that helped you.
Would also like to hear from those who have taken the drug Chantix. Wondering what kind of side effects you had and if it really did help you quit.
I don't want to gain weight while quitting so that's a fear that I have. If I can just maintain the weight I'm at now for a few months I will be happy.
Waiting to hear from all of you nonsmokers!!!

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