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8/13/11 1:10 A

I dont like salads and the stuff i usually eat for dinner is not good mirowaved...

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8/12/11 10:45 P

Back to the topic --

I try to put together a salad in a Tupperware (or whatever) dish with a lid, and a light vinaigrette dressing to go on it -- then leftovers from whatever supper was recently. Our household is a "multicultural" family, so that could include Baba Ganoush one night, chicken stir-fry with Chinese veggies another night, or Swedish dill salmon. Balance it out with a slice of bread (depending on what the main entree was, it could be an open-face sandwich) and some fruit for dessert, and you've got a balanced meal.

Let your fridge -- and your imagination -- be your guide.

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8/12/11 8:36 P

yeah i am a girl i didnt know there was a girls and a guys forum. and i have enough energy it just no matter what i eat even i f its loaded with fiber and protein i am always full 2-3 hours latter unless i stuff myself and then i do get tired but i always like the things alittle higher in calories and less on the really niutritional part. and i am 5 foot 8 1/2 inches and weigh 197 so far...i mean i am losing weight and thats great i am just trying to find nutriant rich food that i will like.

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8/12/11 2:48 P

Sammy, I eat 1200 calories a day and I have energy, but if I cut my carb intake too much, then I don't have energy. I have to eat at least 80 carbs per day if I want to Zumba. BTW, are you male or female? I can't read your profile. Also, for all the guys reading this, I made a suggestion in the suggestion box to create a GIRLS LOUNGE because of all the "why are girls posting in the guys forum?" questions.

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8/12/11 2:32 P

Yeah but i have tried to eat that little and it doesnt work out,i think i am to active and am eating to many carbs, i am hungry every 2-3 hours.

and the main concern is that i am not gonna get enough fruits and veggies,

here is a layout of my basic daily food intake

11- Smootie (only time i eat fruit)

1-begal sandwich

3-begal sandwich

5-begal sandwich

7-1/2 a serving of green bean cassarole and bread crumb and parmeson cheese bread (baked) chicken

9-1/2 a serving of green bean cassarole and bread crumb and parmesson cheese bread chicken

10-10:30- 1/2 a hershey's dark chocolate bar (also forgot to mention i have a HUGE sweet tooth that i have been trying to keep under wraps)

All around 1740 calories and i try to do 3-4days of zumba a week

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8/12/11 9:17 A

Sammy, I'm sure you will have more helpful posters than me, but from your last paragraph, I would say you are eating bread, dairy, and meat. How is that not nutritional? IDK, I'm not an expert, but I would say you are doing just fine. I'm a picky eater also. I absolutely refuse to eat salads. I hate them. It's nothing but rabbit food, IMO. Just try and get half your food from the food pyramid and watch your calorie intake. That's what I do. Hope this helps, Amy

BTW, I've been losing about 2lbs per week doing a 1200 calorie eating plan and exercise at least 30 min 5 times per week

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8/12/11 2:37 A

This is gonna sound really bad but i need help finding good Flavorful lunches. i am very picking i do not like most sandwichs, salads, soups, milk products, "diet" products a.k.a meal replacing bars and shakes, most veggies, turkey, Ramen, beans, and "just" skinless chicken+starch+veggie, and oatmeal.

I know this sounds really bad i do like micro meals but they never keep me filled up. I usually eat something from the deli, but that stuff gets old and they make you feel disgusting.

the perfect thing i found is a begal from winco (where i work) a slice of 2% Kraft cheese, and a slice or 2 of deli ham depending on size. its usually around 300. but there is basically no nutritional value to it what so ever.

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