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8/12/13 3:36 P

"feeling like hell", no energy....I think these are signs that you need to see your doctor for a complete physical. Talk about your typical food choices and see how they are factoring into your energy level and health. If everything comes out normal, then get started on a healthy diet using these super foods:

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8/12/13 1:13 P

Cut down on tea, coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks, carbohydrates like pasta, bread, cereals. Eat small meals and then have a vegetable salad with a little healthy dressing such as fresh lemon apples as they are a fast metabolizer and they have fiber that increases the bulk of the stools...important fiber called pectin which can detox.... and B-complex vitamins help keep your digestive system clean and functioning well.

Apples and strawberries provide energy as well as oranges.

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8/12/13 9:07 A

Your body isn't a toilet. It can't be flushed.

There is no such thing as a one-day detox that will do anything for your body other than give you raging diarrhea and leave you at risk for dehydration and illness.

You can't rapidly fix any problem. If your body's out of whack, you need time, healthy eating, and smart choices to repair the damage you've done to it, not cleanses or detoxes.

Your liver and kidneys already detox you just fine; if you want to help them along, fuel them properly with whole foods and lots of fiber from natural sources (vegetables!)

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8/11/13 8:11 P

Your liver will detox fine if you stop feeding it the less-than-healthful food products.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, get at least 25g of fibre, and drop any and all 'junk' for those three days.

You'll look and feel fine, and probably have a much better bathroom situation, too.

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8/11/13 6:34 P

HI there. I am feeling like hell and wanted to know if any of you know a quick but healthy one day detox. also a way to regulate my bowels quickly. I know yogurt with active cultures and fiber but what else can i do. Im going away in 3 days and would like a little more pep in my step. Thanks

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