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7/6/11 9:15 A

One step back just means it's time for two steps forward! Corny, I know, but already you know you're capable of living healthily because you've done it before. Mistakes happen. You backslid, that means it's time to get up and get back in control of things.

I find I have a much easier time getting back on the wagon once I've forgive myself for falling off. It sounds like you might need to forgive yourself before you can get back on track, based on what you said about comfort food (and I've totally been there).

I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon! Congrats on embracing the time away and enjoying yourself. At the very least, know that a random internet stranger is impressed by your 34lb loss, wishes you well, and is sure you can get all the way to -120 if you put your mind to it!

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7/6/11 9:12 A


As the old proverb reads, "Fall down seven, get up eight."

This journey is not about being perfect, but being the best we can be under the circumstances we are faced with.

I really like what Zorbs mentioned...goal setting and planning are two huge factors when it comes to getting us to our ultimate destination of healthy living.

You can do this! I wish you well!

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7/6/11 9:01 A

did you do any journaling when you started? Go back to the beginning and look at what you did and start over again.
Is there any activity you really like to do?
Start small again, like "my first goal is to get this 10 pounds off " then go get it.
The big picture is far away, I find that if I break it down into small groups that I can celebrate, it keeps me more motivated.
Good luck! You've already restarted yourself by coming back to SP and focusing again on getting support!
You can do it!!

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7/6/11 5:58 A

set new goals and have a clear plan on how to acheive those goals.

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7/6/11 4:25 A

Since January i lost 34lb on the way to losing 120lb- I did it for me, but the spur was going on honeymoon with my beautiful (and very slim) wife.

2 Weeks away, lots of nice food, and having work every hour god sends has meant i have stopped counting my calories and going to the Gym- i'm back to eating bars of chocolate :( (and not the small ones either).

I've now put 10lb back on again, and eating crap as comfort food.

How do i feel good about myself again?

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