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Concentrate on breathing OUT - almost blowing. The way your body reflexes work... the IN part then follows. This works because your body is relatively tolerant to CO2 buildup in the lungs so people tend to hold air in thier lungs longer than they should.

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I've found after several months of running that the first few minutes are always the hardest to catch my breath. After around 3 or 4 minutes, it feels like my body adjusts to the running and I breath easier without thinking about it. Good luck!

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If you run up a hill enough times, you can train your quads to pull you up the hill but lungs aren't muscle so you can't train them to do anything. They're sort of like deflated balloons: they don't do anything until you force air into them.

Simply put the mechanics of breathing: When the brain says breath in, the rib cage expands and the diaphragm drops. This creates a vacuum in the thoracic cavity and the air rushes in to fill the space. (Consequently, that's why it's harder to breath at higher elevations, the surrounding air pressure is less so your lungs fill with less air when you inhale.) When your brain says exhale, the ribcage and the diaphragm return to their anatomical position and the air is pushed out of the lungs.

What it means for your running? First slow down. Second try to really be aware if your back muscles are tight when you're running. Tight back muscles might prevent your ribcage from expanding fully. And thirdly, exhale forcefully when your left foot hits the ground, which can be difficult to figure out if you're right handed; in addition to lessening the likelihood of developing a side stitch, always thinking about your left foot can help you concentrate on your breathing.

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I find that the best thing to do is breath in for multiple steps and breath out for multiple steps and keep those numbers of steps the same throughout your workout. At first it will seem weird but overtime you will notice that the result is that you run to the rhythm of your breathing without thinking about it. So for instance breathe in for 4 foot falls breathe out for 4. This also helps keep the workout at your desired intensity.

If you are new to running I would not attempt to do any VO2max type training that involves sprints. You need to create a good cardio base and you need to condition your legs so you don't injure yourself first. I wouldn't do any sprinting until you can do multiple runs per week that are 5 miles in length at a moderate pace(~9 min/mile) without any discomfort or soreness after a run.

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Hi Teri

I agree with Zorbs that you probably just need to slow down. Try decreasing the pace to a level where you can answer a question but not comfortably carry on a conversation. As you become more fit, then you'll be able to pick up the pace.

Coach Jen

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If you're winded, all you need to do is slow down. Breathe from the diaphragm.

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start with the C25K I believe it has some training on there.

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I have been trying to teach myself to run - and I don't think I 'breathe' right. what is the correct mechanics to getting enough air when jogging? I know that sounds crazy .. but I feel like I can run longer, but I get winded and I don't think I am breathing right? Who can help me with this -- is there a method or a way to train your lungs?

Thanks -

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