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2/11/14 11:12 A

I encourage you to relax so your body can heal. I would use this time for learning, reading, meditation/prayer, and most importantly loving others. I believe helping others when we are hurting is sincerely the best medicine.

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2/10/14 10:14 P

I, too, hope that you talked with your Dr re the weight-loss at this point of time. Usually it is better to focus on maintaining rather than losing, because your body needs a little more calories to help it to heal. Ensure that you are getting a good amount of lean protein, and if you had codeine or morphine based pain relief, make sure that you are getting loads of fibre, too, because a lot of people get a bit bunged up because of the meds.

Maybe when you feel the urge to eat 'mindlessly' then you could come onto SP and read the articles. I know that for the first year or so, I was reading them a lot, and in fact, often forgot all about food - LOL!

Best wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery!

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2/10/14 8:51 A

presumably you've already talked with your doc and your doc says you're okay to continue losing weight at the pace you were before. if you didn't, get on the phone and do that. many people need to maintain after surgery until their body has healed.
since you've been so far under, i'd say to add up your unders and not to sweat your overages until you get close to using up where you were under. not only did your body need those base calories, but you're also expending more calories healing.
have you asked your doc if there are any exercises you can do while healing? i know that's going to depend on what you had done, but it can't hurt to ask.
beyond that, find a new hobby. head to a craft store and find something you might like to do. or a toy store if you might want to build model planes/cars or lego things. if you'd like something a little more practical perhaps to to do your own taxes, try couponing out, plan out a new yearly budget or budget and price out diy home repairs.

2/10/14 8:30 A

On Friday I had an elective surgery and I had been in an amount of pain that I never experienced before, so eating was just not on my mind. My mom kind of made me eat Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning but I came nowhere near any of my nutritional guidelines set by sparkpeople.Today I can tolerate the pain, so I am going to try to eat closer to the nutritional guidelines that sparkpeople has set for me.
I am so afraid that when my appetite comes back, it is going to come back full force, and I won't have exercise to fight it.I replaced boredom eating and emotional eating with exercise. So now what do I do when I find myself wanting to eat and eat and eat?
I need a plan, I know that will-power doesn't seem to work for me.

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