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12/29/12 12:46 P

Hard-boiled eggs are a good option. I've also done grilled or roasted chicken breast (I actually prefer it cold for lunch) with baby carrots or snap peas, leftover pasta (or, really, any kind of leftovers), deli meat sandwiches (which I jazz up by putting them on a toasted bagel--I have access to a toaster at work, but it would be fine untoasted if you don't--and spreading a thin layer of some sort of Boursin or Rondele or whatever spread/dip), or soup.

One thing to note, though, is that those last two choices are very high in sodium. I almost always end up going over my daily allotment on days I have those, so I don't have them too often.

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12/29/12 11:50 A has the most comprehensive ideas list i have ever seen.

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Canned soup is a great idea-- I really like Progresso's light soups. They are really filling and usually have only 60 - 80 calories per serving (each can is two servings, so you're looking at 120 - 160 calories total). I couple this with some crackers and a piece of fruit.

I also really like carrots and celery dipped in cottage cheese. Cottage cheese won't go bad by the time you hit lunch, and it has a ton of protient. Go for the non-fat kind, and pair this with fruit or a granola bar.

Finally, instead of sandwhiches, I like sandwhich roll-ups, where you take a piece of cheese, lunchmeat, and some lettuce and roll it up. It's really filling, but make sure you pair it with some fiber.

I hope that helps!

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12/29/12 11:00 A

I've never been much of a sandwich person and I take my lunch everyday. Here is what I have planned for this week coming up:

8 cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce, halved cherry tomatoes, snow peas and whole grain crackers

3 oz tuna with 1 T mayo and some celery, 1 multigrain WASA breads, red and yellow pepper slices

Leftover quinoa mixed with salsa, green salad

leftover grilled steak on spinach with balsalmic vinegarette and croutons, apple

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12/29/12 10:29 A

I take my lunch to work each day so I understand your frustration with getting bored easily. I try to mix it up a little too. I usually have soup one day, a sandwich one day, a frozen dinner one day, and then leftovers the other 2 days. I allow myself one day twice a month to eat out (which is usually Subway or Jimmy Johns).

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Here are a few ideas:

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12/29/12 9:25 A

I am in need of help for brown bag ideas. I get bored very easily, and salads and plain sandwiches are just not my thing unless they are dressed up really well. I need easy to make and easy to carry to work ideas. Thank you all in advance for your help!

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