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Sadly, kids won't eat potatoes, period. Son will eat very little cheese and no pasta (he's autistic, and seems to have some sensory issues around foods). Tried just making one dish and putting it on the table, but that ended in no one eating anything at all until breakfast time!

So far, while they'll eat a little lettuce or plain broccoli or asparagus, etc., neither will eat a proper salad. So tortillas with peanut butter or apples or wrapped around chicken is fine; plain chicken or beef or pork is fine; but even a pasta dish won't work for everyone (especially not for me, since the calories are so high and I don't love pasta).

In the long run, I usually wind up just cooking food for me/hubby, and doing a plain version of the same for the kids... but it gets very dull because it's always chicken, beef, or pork... plain... with a side of plain veg, bread, and fruit. They're happy, so maybe it's fine?

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Tacos! I love tacos because everyone can customize them how they want. I do them for parties often because all of our friends have such varied tastes. You could do just veggies with spicy salsa (or add meat too), your hubs can do the meat with salsa, daughter can just do meat, son can do meat, salsa, etc. You can change up the proteins... chicken, beef, fish, whatever. Do fajita style even. Change up the sauces/salsas...could do the normal pico de gallo, or like mango salsa. Plus, heated up corn tortillas (not the pre-formed kind) are usually pretty low in calorie... usually 60-80 per tortilla. You could do those for you and flour if the kids/husband don't like corn (I know I didn't when I was a kid). Or, top a salad with the fixings and skip the tortillas.

I also think something like a baked potato bar could be fun. I know I top baked potatoes sometimes with some pesto and chicken... or you can just do the basic usual stuff... or top with chili. You could do a salad too, for you to eat with a plainer baked potato. The options are endless there.

Also along the chicken lines, you could do stuffed chicken breasts. Stuff the with what you each like... for you maybe some herbed goat cheese and roasted red peppers. For husband, maybe a heavier cheese and broccoli or the red peppers. For the kids maybe just cheese or you could try to sneak in some chopped up broccoli that's chopped up really small.

I also love pasta bakes... you could use the same base pasta and sauce for all, and using smaller baking dishes (or even the disposable aluminum kind), then add in various components for each family member... bulk yours up with lots of veggies, add in sausage or chicken or ground beef for the husband and kids.

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I really want to have family dinners, but I have this weird family: I love complex, spicy, vegetarian and lite-on-the-meat dishes. Hubby likes meat and potatoes with a little extra kick. Daughter loves plain pasta and plain meat/veg. Son hates pasta, but will eat any kind of plain meat, salsa, breads, and every kind of fruit.

So... I either wind up cooking multiple meals, or mix/match items, or items that can be fancied up. I'm looking for more choices! Can you help??

Here are my staples:

sauteed or poached chicken breasts that can be served plain or -- "parmesan," "marsala," with curried fruit on top, etc. (more ideas welcome!)

lean ground beef that can become chili, meat balls or burgers

tortillas that can be used to wrap plain chicken, spicy chicken, apples and peanut butter, etc.

I also make big baked mac and cheeses for daughter and hubby that I can't touch, stir fries that my kids won't touch, etc. Sometimes I make a stir fry with chicken or beef, and cook some of the meat separately, and serve plain with rice... Or a beef stew of which the kids eat only the beef!

I am SO BORED!! I WANT to fix fancy salads, yummy roasted veg soups, etc., and sometimes do, but while hubby will eat a portion, I wind up with six portions -- which can get overwhelming. Spent a WEEK eating a curried split pea and apple soup...

Can you recommend diet-friendly options I haven't considered??

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