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3/12/13 5:47 P

They say losing weight is 80% what we eat, and only 20% exercise. If you're feeling pressed for time and stressing over trying to fit in some exercise-- how about just concentrating on what you're eating, for now? If it would make you feel better-- buy a pedometer. You can get one at Walmart for maybe 15 bucks. I bought one recently for my DH and it's fairly small, it easily goes in his pocket or there's a clip so he can attach it to his belt. (I already had one that I got from Amazon a couple years ago, but it's larger and I'd actually like to swap with DH.)

Track how many steps you get in a day. At first, just wear it and see how many you get in an average day. Then each week, try to do a little more. I forget the exact delineations, but somewhere around 3000 steps, is "sedentary". And around 7000 is "fairly active", 10,000 is "active", and over maybe 12500 is "very active". With some jobs, people are already getting a lot of steps through their work, or they actually have a fairly active lifestyle. Over a period of time you can just add a bit of a walk outside with your son, or playing chase in the yard when the weather's nicer. Or dancing in front of the tv, or parking a little further from the building at work-- to get more steps. Doesn't have to be a 40 minute exercise video, to make a difference.

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3/12/13 1:58 P

I have a 14 month old son. So days are hard and at times I'm just so exhausted. After getting up at 5 to be at work at 6. I'm a CNA. So I take care of people all day and am constantly on my feet. Then I get to come home and clean up the house and then go get Zane from daycare. Then come home and make sure supper is cooked before my husband comes home
Then it's shower and bed. How do I find time in such a busy schedule?

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3/12/13 1:52 P

Thank you all so much!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/12/13 1:06 P

Motivation is in the eye of the beholder. I ask this question of every member on SP when they post things about motivation or lack thereof. Why are you here? In the same realm, why did you start this healthy journey?

Now let me explain... My motivation does not come from losing weight or getting fit. It does not come from eating healthy. it doesn't come from wanting to look good at the beach. It is not about huffing and puffing my way up the stairs. For me, these fall under inspiration. My motivation is much deeper than losing weight and eating healthy. it took me quite a while and some very intense questions from my Chiropractor. He asked me the same questions above. i answered simply to be healthy and lose weight. he would shake his head and say "not big enough". Anyone can eat healthy and lose weight. Now I asked you WHY.

after some whining and not completely understanding what he was looking for, I found it. It's simple and very near and dear to my heart. I want to be the healthiest and best aunt to my nieces and nephews. I am not doing it FOR them. I am doing it BECAUSE of them. I want to be able to play with the one year old this summer in the backyard. I want to go shopping with the 18 year old. i want to enjoy a game with the 21 year old. i want to play hopscotch with the 9 year old. i want to be able to hold the newborn in July. i want to dance at their weddings and hold their kids. I want to show them what healthy is. Losing weight and getting fit are nice side bars to being in 100% health (100% function of body, mind and spirit with no evidence of disease)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,195
3/12/13 12:39 P

Break your long-term goal, up into smaller goals. So your long- term goal is 100 pounds, and the short-term goals are say, 10 pounds at a time. Decide on some rewards for reaching each 10 pound goal, with a big reward at the end. So you're not just focusing on 100 pounds-- focus on 10 at a time.

And I also found it extremely helpful, to reward myself for time doing the right things, even if I didn't see a loss on the scale or the losing was going really slowly. You could set a goal of making it a week without going over your calorie range, or exercising 5 days out of 7, or whatever will help you build some healthy habits. Because the scale doesn't always cooperate, and darn it all, I deserve SOMETHING for working so hard!

Rewards don't have to be big, expensive things. Any little thing that says to you "Yay me!" will work. It is suggested (for obvious reasons) that we don't reward ourselves with food. Could be a new nail color or a scented candle or some bubble bath or a workout top or a trip to the zoo-- whatever makes you feel good.

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3/12/13 12:00 P

First, motivation doesn't stay for long. Not really. It is to get to started, then hard work and dedication have to take you further.

I don't blame you for getting frustrated. 100lbs is a tough journey. There won't be anything easy about it. But it will be worthwhile if you stick to it.

Here are some ways that help me. My first week was AWFUL. I was tired, cranky, sore from doing a workout, I didn't see a difference (because who does after a week?) and I just wanted to give up. Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I don't want to be fat anymore. I want to eat better and live a long life and be a good example for my daughter, not a fat mom who can't run and play with her." So I kept going. I know that no one else can see a difference (my husband says he can, but he is just the most wonderful man ever.) but I can see a little bit. I'm a little less jiggly. My face doesn't seem as puffy. It might not be much, but I will take these little things! I know the big ones are coming!!!

This is a LONG journey. I wish once we got all pumped up to get started, we were graced with a 10 pound bonus miracle loss, just to keep us going. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. However, the hard work makes victory so much sweeter.

I have been here before, and I will tell you, this time what is keeping me motivated (though I have focused on all the things I said above) is me. I really started eating better. I cut out the processed junk, even the "healthy" stuff. This may or may not be temporary. I'm not saying I don't eat breads or what not, I do, sure, but very little. I stopped eating granola bars that have almost as many calories as candy bars (even though they do have more nutrients). I decided to eat more WHOLE foods instead. So I have fruits and veggies and leans meats a LOT. My snacks are usually apples and carrots or something like that. At first, if I didn't want to eat that, then I just didn't snack, but now I am enjoying them more and more, and it is making me feel better. Like I have more energy and stuff. So, that helps me keep going with the healthy food, and going with the healthy food helps me keep going with the workout.

There are days I am NOT interested in doing ANY of this. But I do. SP makes me accountable to myself and face up to what I eat and such. It helps!

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3/12/13 11:42 A

i will stay motivated for about a week or so then i just give up. i have 100 lbs to loose to get to my goal weight. if anyone at all has any advice for me to stay motivated please let me know!!!

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