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6/22/13 11:30 A

I love how TV sales try to get you to buy stuff by giving you a time or customer limit -- "We can only offer this great deal for the next 10 minutes or to the first 100 customers!" Right!

I've never bought anything off the TV. As a matter of fact, I have taken all of the shopping networks off of my personal line-up of stations on my TV.

I do find it very easy and tempting to buy from Amazon, though! It's my go-to for just about everything.

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
6/19/13 7:15 A

When my husband was alive he called me the "Queen of QVC"!! I go back to when it was CVN...and then they merged and took the Q name. I went through a stage of buying 14k gold necklaces and even bought a 14k gold watch that I still have many years later and wear every day.

Almost ALL my clothes are either Denim & Co or Bob Mackey..I particularly enjoy that I
can get all my slacks and jeans from the Denim and Co line and they are currently fitting me just great in Size 1X Petite!! So hard to find.

Don't buy my undies from them, but I also go on line for all that. There's hardly anything
I buy face to face other than groceries and when I lived in Boston I did that on line with Peapod. Oh, how i miss the ease of buying food online and having it delivered, brought into the house and put on my kitchen counter for me. Only thing that the deliverer didn't do was to put things away for me (g). Think of that when there is a 3-4 foot snow on the ground in winter. And, when you're a senior and find it easier for someone else to lug all those bundles into the house. Next best thing to having paid help. All that was for $5.99 delivery.

I guess I've been with them for at least 22 years, maybe more. Never had a return problem.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/19/13 6:59 A

never heard of it, thankfully.
Don't need an addiction I cannot support as I'm the only one employed in the household.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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6/19/13 6:42 A

Nope never used QVC as I have been buying and selling on Ebay for 15 years. I especially love getting my $200 running shoes for 1/2 that price or less on Ebay.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
6/14/13 5:42 A

I've never bought anything off the TV before but I have been tempted by some of the infomercials. It's easy for me not to, I don't have cable and I don't have credit cards. I buy what I need when I need it after giving it the touchy feel once over.

MRSRIGS1 SparkPoints: (128,659)
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6/13/13 7:31 P

I've been there! Fortunately, I found the other channels on my TV set. QVC has many wonderful items and at great prices. I've bought many items and have been pleased. But, when I was concerned that it might turn into an 'addiction', I stopped cold turkey!

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (83,751)
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6/13/13 7:00 P

Although its been a long time ago, I have bought some QVC and HSN jewelry in the past. One piece is a very nice Black Hills Gold ring--the price was very fair, and a nice quality stone....but I knew something about both before purchasing.

I also used EBay quite a bit this last winter buying specific items for Christmas gifts this coming year (Collectable figurines....shhhh--don't tell my family!!) So I was well aware of the pricing and the specifics of the items I was purchasing. If it was more than my self-imposed limit, it didn't get bid on!! And some of the listings were unbelievably high priced....!! I even wondered if the people putting them up for sale bothered to look at the other listings....

The only online clothing I've ever bought are a few items from REI. I know their styles, sizing and more importantly, their Return Policy and Customer Service is Excellent!! Other than that, it would be a big waste of my time---I never fit anything it seems!!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
6/13/13 2:58 P

QVC has a great refund policy and I've bought several things from them that have been great quality with a low price. Most of my garden came from QVC and I love their battery operated candles, I have many of their lanterns that light my house so I DON'T have to pay high electric bills (they fill with enough light so you can walk around without putting lights on) and the Bethlehem wreaths are gorgeous! I've had mine for 6 yrs put batteries in it and it lasts the whole season which is good cause there's no way I could have a lit wreath on the door otherwise.
But you have to be responsible when you order....
Now one I'll never ever buy from again is HSN , because their customer service is awful and when I ordered something from them my credit card number was compromised..... live and learn!

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
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Posts: 1,091
6/13/13 2:19 P

ARCHIMEDESII- I, too, had an ebay phase! I've never been a QVC shopper though.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,152)
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6/13/13 12:54 P

I'll admit that I had an "ebay" phase when I was buying a lot of stuff off ebay. However, I always bought within my means. I know my limits. But, I understand how alluring something like QVC can be. it's hard to resist a deal. And when you see a price drop lower and lower, it's hard not to pick up the phone.

However, I've done a little research on some of the products. Those steals aren't always the deals they are made out to be. Jewelry is notoriously marked up. Something originally priced at $499 is not expected to sell at $499. The markup is around 80%. So, if QVC says you're getting a deal at $200, they are still making a hefty profit if you assume they paid $100 per piece.

Which is the reason I try to avoid impuse purchases. I usually research my purchase first to see if I can find it cheaper from some other vendor.

I'm cheap. I admit it. I can't bare the thought of paying full price.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/13/13 12:46 P

" QVC is just Costco in sloooooowwww mmmoooooootiooonnn. Without the Clif bar samples!"

OMG this made me laugh out loud!

I have never purchased anything "off the tv" whether it be via SlapChopper Vince or a dedicated home shopping channel. I do shop online sometimes (software, tea, books, plane tix) but I don't think I would ever buy things like clothing, jewelry, furniture, etc. online. I like to try-before-i-buy for things like that.

STEELER71 Posts: 8,048
6/13/13 12:44 P

I have been with QVC since their beginning when they only had 2 show hosts. I buy from them every so often but I have set myself a limit and when I reach it I stop shopping. When the bill comes in I pay it off and start over again. You can't beat their sheets. They seem to last forever. I have several pairs of the Diamonique earrings. Love them. I'm hooked on Philosophy products. I give them as gifts and a lot I keep for myself. The key is control. Set yourself a limit and stick to it.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
6/13/13 12:20 P

I don't "get" QVC. I had a colleague who had to postpone retirement for at least 5 years because she had gone into credit card debt buying stuff on QVC.She had tens of thousands of dollars of stuff sitting around her house still in the boxes. (She also had lots of pretty clothes and costume jewelry, I have to admit!) For her, it was the thrill of spending the money and knowing she was going to get something in the mail/UPS. She didn't even really care about the stuff itself.

I guess I'm the opposite. I want to make sure I'm getting EXACTLY what I want. I don't like to buy things by mail or online, period. I don't want to give money for something unless I have touched it, looked at it from all sides, made sure it doesn't smell funny, etc. I probably haven't bought more than twenty items online or by mail in my life, and almost all of those were books, software, or electronic items where look and feel doesn't matter. When I was at my heaviest and had a hard time finding clothes, I did buy a few sweaters and tent-type dresses from a catalog, but I didn't like doing that. In fact, I tend to go too far in the opposite direction; I put off replacing my hiking boots until I could travel to a city, even though my old ones had holes in the soles and I could get the exact same boot online for the exact same price. And I would *never* want to use an online grocery service; I want to sort through and pick out every single apple myself.

I wonder if it's a personality thing. I also find slot machines and video poker and stuff like that incredibly, oppressively boring.I went to Vegas once about 25 years ago and have been on Mississippi River gambling boats a few times, and every time I last about four minutes on the gambling and then go outside to look at the lights or the water. I know that gambling addiction is a real thing just like QVC addiction is a real thing, but I guess it just doesn't set off my dopamine receptors or whatever. And at least with slot machines there's a tiny illusion that you might win something. QVC is just Costco in sloooooowwww mmmoooooootiooonnn. Without the Clif bar samples!

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (245,707)
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6/13/13 10:58 A

I do buy lots of stuff online, but never have bought anything from QVC. My buying is mostly from Amazon,, and Second Spin (used CDs and DVDs)

some of those infomercial spiels are kind of entrancing. Just...can't...look...away. And in the middle of the night, when you aren't totally 'with it', some of that stuff does sound like a really good idea!

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,365
6/13/13 10:00 A

I hate to admit it...but I buy most of my casual clothes off of QVC.
I love my Bob Mackey tops and I don't like shopping at malls.
They had a better selection in plus sizes than the plus size stores did.
I also have several Maxx leather handbags that are fashionable and very reasonable.

when you don't have time or the desire to go to stores, it gives you an idea on how something looks. their clothing prices are usually very reasonable. and once you know how a manufacturer's easy to buy online.

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6/13/13 8:39 A

QVC is a multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping. Founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States, QVC broadcasts in six countries as QVC US, QVC UK, QVC Germany, QVC Japan, QVC Italy, and QVC/CNR (China) to 235 million households. The name is an initialism standing for Quality, Value, Convenience.

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
6/13/13 8:36 A

what is QVC? is that an American-only thing?

6/13/13 8:20 A

Truth be told I have never bought an item on QVC or anything from TV, BUT! A lot of times QVC comes up at lunch and I amazed at how many of my female colleagues seem addicted to QVC. The times I have watched it I immediately feel the urge to buy whatever it is they're selling and think to myself, "Wow! How on earth could I have gone on living life without this thing!?" Okay, maybe not those words but I have thought that.

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