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11/23/12 4:16 P

I suffer from severe migraines & have been given a medication naratriptan to deal with is my magic pill but I've been trying a new natural course of action...butterbir which contains feverfew which is known to decrease the amount & severity of them. I'm not sure how effective it is being since most of mine are triggered by barometric changes in weather patterns & temperature...rain being my biggest culprit.

Since losing alot of weight I also notice more of a side effect of the drug being more potent & sice I'm on a very small dose, my GP has not changed my doseage.

I suggest making sure you drink alot of H2O, (avoiding that alcohol diuretic) & I have found nuts, aged cheese & chocolate are also triggers...

Best wishes on your treatment plan, don't give up ....sleep is also the best remedy...tiredness seems to keep the migraine going strong!!!


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11/23/12 8:57 A

I've had migraines all my life, some lasting as long as 3 weeks. At that point, you're wondering whether you want to continue living like this. I've tried all the meds, all the home remedies, all the diets, all the crazy suggestions, nothing works all the time for me. Everyone said that at menopause, the migraines would go away. They didn't change one whit. At present the best thing in my arsenal (which is sizable) is Axert. Unlike some other meds (like Maxalt), it doesn't make me quite so "out of it", and sometimes if it manages the migraine, I can go ahead and have a normal day. Regarding the alcohol, yes, some will say it will never help, but when you're in that much pain, you'll try anything "to take the edge off", and sometimes it does give you a short respite where you still hurt, but maybe it doesn't matter quite so much. My prayers for you. I just stumbled across your post and know it was posted months ago.

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9/10/12 5:11 A

Here is a link to Real Age which has some tips re headaches:

I am sure that the tips will help some who suffer with them, and I can attest to the Acupuncture working.


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9/9/12 10:02 P

I have migraines but probably not as bad as yours sound. Everyone has their tricks that help them.

I have given up all diet sodas (I used to be addicted to them) and 99% of the chocolate I used to eat, a lot of sugar, and wheat/gluten. Whether any of this has directly helped or not I don't know but I noticed a huge reduction in the number of headaches.

I just had one the other day while volunteering at my son's school on the "dental bus"...I had to go in and out of the bus escorting kids to and from their class and the bus and it was 100 degrees outside and cold in the bus and bright outside and darker doozy of a headache started. I had no medicine but I drank a diet coke (and crossed my fingers it wasn't a slippery slope to addiction again). I went back the next day with my new sunglasses and it was much better (and I didn't volunteer the whole day, just half a day).

For me excedrine Migraine helps at the beginning of a headache. If it has gone on a long time, it is the excedrine and head to bed, sometimes I can sleep it off.

I feel so bad that yours hurts so bad that you need to go to the ER. But if it hurts that bad go and get help with someone for long term migraine management.

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9/9/12 6:18 P

I suffer from severe chronic migraines and I understand how debilitating they can be. That being said, Alcohol will NEVER help a migraine, it will only make it worse. In addition to that, never be afraid to go to the ER, if you need to go, then go. Don't put off medical attention, because you're concerned about what the professionals might think (and this is coming from a medical social worker). Finally, I think the bigger concern is your thoughts of suicide (not the migraine or the drink)...if you're becoming that depressed as result of your migraines (once again, being a migraine sufferer, I understand how they can impede and control your life), I strongly suggest that you seek help.
Feel better.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,156
9/6/12 6:50 P

How did you get on? .... HOPEFULY it has resolved now.

I had a bad migraine a couple times that I thought were a stroke. Slurred speech, difficulty walking, difficulty keeping a straight line when walking - kept going to the left and had to use my right hand on the door frame to pull me to the right to visit the loo. I was dribbling out of the corner of my mouth. A visit to the Dr diagnosed the migraine. I had been a First Responder, but hadn't known that migraines could have that effect :-(


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9/6/12 8:05 A

I hope you seeked medical care for your migraine. As a former migraine sufferer, the pain can be paralyzing to the point where it is almost difficult to function. Take care.

Coach Nancy

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9/6/12 4:06 A

A lot of people go to the ER after having consumed alcohol - they are well enough trained to know that this doesn't mean a person has problems with alcohol!

Phone for an ambulance or have a friend take you!


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9/6/12 2:25 A

I have had severe migraines for 18 years. There has been some improvement this year. However, I have been dealing with a migraine for over a week and I am at the end of my rope. I would like to go to the ER, but I had alcohol tonight to try and take the edge off the pain. I am afraid if I go I will be treated like a drug addict, so I am trying to hang on until morning. Suicide has crossed my mind more than once. Is there anybody out there to help me?

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