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24MARDO Posts: 16
3/11/11 6:39 P

i would like to get a bodybugg or a calorie and heart rate monitor combo that they sell at costco. does any one have any suggestions. which to buy?

JODY22002 Posts: 375
1/19/11 7:57 P

I was a similar size when I started this journey. I weighed 279 lbs and I am 5 ft 10. In the beginning, I did lose the bigger numbers. The first month, I lost 23 lbs. It slows down though and there were weeks, as my body adjusted to my new eight, where I lost nothing. Make sure you are using other ways of measuring your success other than just the scale. A measuring tape, fr example.

And don't forget, in order to avoid the saggy skin issue, you need to lose at a slower rate. It is easier for your skin to snap back when you are losing 2 lbs a week. That's something that they don't show you on the Biggest Loser. The massive amount of sagging skin some of the contestants are left with because they have lost weight too quickly.

GMINYARD Posts: 464
1/19/11 4:46 P

Hello all. Does anyone know how to figure out the adjusted calorie range as you lose weight? I have lost 19 lbs and a little thing popped up telling me to change it, but I don't know how without changing my original weight. It also said that it does not do it automatically. Any ideas?

LYNNBAUM Posts: 3,733
12/9/10 11:03 P

Coach Becky does give you a great guide line. I think someone said something about burn out. One thing that works is to hit it hart for a few weeks and then do a week just to maintain. As soon as you start saying "oh hell" watch out. So here goes my 2 cents. When you first start out and you cut calories, start eating clean, start working out, and just cleaning up things around you and changing your life the weight comes off faster. You might find out at over 200 just cutting out the bread basket and going for a 30 min walk will start taking off a few pounds. You will know when it it time to rethink what you are eating when the weight lot starts to slow down. At 1500 calories and working out 4 or so hours you are creating a huge calorie deficit. If it gets to big you will get to hungry to keep it up. Make sure you are eating nutrition and not just calories. 1200 calories of sugar will leave you wanting nutrition.
I am excited for you. Keep it up.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/11/10 10:35 A

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I really appreciate it and it will help me along the way.

I am so glad I joined this site. I look forward to logging on now first thing in the morning. Keeping track of my nutrition intake and workouts is helping tremendously. Instead of starving myself now, I can relax and take in the recommended amount of calories and I know how long I need to workout. Dieting used to seem so hard before, but I'm waking up and feeling great about planning my meals and going to the gym.

Thanks again! :-)

11/10/10 7:20 P

I am glad to hear that!!! Remember it took more than a few months to put on the weight, so give your body time to take it off and adjust to the new you.

LEMONS25 Posts: 148
11/10/10 4:43 P

I admire your attitude and optimism. Its obvious that your confident and motivated and that is such a HUGE part of weight loss success. Like everyone else said, you want to lose weight in a healthy, positive way. There will likely be ups and downs along the way and its important you not get discouraged. The BL contestants have so many resources, it can be hard for the average person to duplicate. Good luck!

GREYPAWS1 Posts: 192
11/10/10 4:31 P

Since you are a Biggest Loser Fan, please read this, it gives great insight to what they are doing in terms of nutrition (includes recommended % plus macronutrients) & excercise & support.

I am positive you can make this a successful journey with dedication & patience on your part.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 2:29 P

Hi again, Staci.

The only way I am able to monitor my heart rate, calories burned, etc. is when I'm on the treadmill for an hour. Everything else I'm doing is aerobics (kick boxing, step, etc.) and some strengthening exercises. I will definitely look into getting a device to monitor myself when I am doing these other workouts, so thanks for that tip. That's very helpful.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 2:27 P

Hi Becky,

Yes, now that I got off to a good start, I can deal with losing 2-3 pounds a week now. I am obviously going to keep shooting for 3 pounds, but when it gets to a point where it's only 2, I will be ok with that. :-)

11/10/10 1:45 P

Seems you have a good mental viewpoint on the topic and I personally think that is an important detail.

If you're working out 4 hours a day, it might be really useful to use a heart rate monitor or Body Bugg (like on BL) so you have a good idea of what you're burning. That way you can adjust your food intake if necessary. A HRM will show you your cardio calories. A BB will show total daily burn.

11/10/10 1:39 P

A healthy and appropriate weekly weight loss for someone who is larger than 200 pounds, is about 1% of their weight. SO for you that would be a weekly weight loss of about 2-3 pounds.

I want you to be realistic with your weight loss, so you do NOT get discourage down the road. While you may lose faster in the beginning, your weight loss will probably slow, and you need to be ready to accept about 1-3 pounds lost weekly when it happens. It is not a sign of failure, it is what you can expect.

dietitian Becky

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 1:31 P

Hi Smiling Tree,

Thanks for your input as well. I really appreciate all of the feedback I'm getting. I don't want to come off like I don't appreciate anyone's advice. It's just that I am so pumped and started out working so hard, that I want to see results. Now that I have, I can calm down a bit, but I still want to work hard.

I think the problem with people gaining weight back after shows like Biggest Loser is that some of them really aren't ready to make a lifestyle change. Take Gina, for instance (on Thintervention), or the woman from last night's espisode of Biggest Loser who ate the dessert. I am determined to watch what I eat and work my butt off, so I am definitely ready for that challenge. It's a lifestyle change that I am already adjusting to, so I think I will do better with maintaining my weight once I lose it.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 1:26 P

Thanks, Staci.

That was very good information. I like how you broke that down.

Yes, I am easily drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day (especially after workouts and during meals), and doing the strength training exercises recommened by SP. Even if I start losing only 3 pounds a week from here on out, that's still good. I'm just happy that I was able to start out at losing 6 pounds to keep me pumped, because after all of the calorie counting and workouts I went through last week, I would have been very discouraged had that only added up to losing 2 pounds. LOL!

Anyway, thanks for your advice. It was right on point.

11/10/10 1:16 P

Other notes about BL: they don't do it in a 'week'. A week tends to be 9-10 days. It helps give bigger #s and bigger #s give ratings.

The biggest loser contestants have trainers - even beyond Bob & Jillian - so get constant guidance. They also are under strict & constant medical supervision. Doing anything extreme without this is dangerous.

BL contestants are also VERY overweight. And many put the weight back on when the show is over. Did you gain the weight at the rate of 5-6 pounds per week? I'm guessing the answer is no. By making sustainable lifestyle changes, the idea is to improve your life going forward in a way that you can live with permanently.

Think more about where you want to be 5 years from now and less about 1 month from now. Life is a marathon, not a roller coaster ride.

11/10/10 1:13 P

Another thing to consider is that each pound - gained, lost or maintained - equals 3500 calories. So if you want to lose even 5 pounds a week consistently, you have to either cut or burn 17,000 calories! That is a big number. I think one of the problems with shows like The Biggest Loser is that they show only small slices of what's going on. Plus, I've read that most of the contestants end up gaining a good bit of the weight back - probably because the methods used for losing it are unsustainable in regular life.

Sorry - I don't mean this to be a discouraging reply. It's just that if you succeed in losing weight rapidly, you don't really have time to make permanent changes. While patience is rough, it also pays off. People who lose slower are more likely to keep the weight off.

11/10/10 1:12 P

Congrats on the 6 pounds - though its not necessarily all body weight loss. Could be water weight adjusting also.

If your are really going to try for BL type #s, you also need to be in constant (weekly, if not more often) contact with doctors and dieticians. That is not realistic for most people.

Healthy realistic goals would be 1-2 pounds per week, or up to 1% of your body weight. So you could aim for about 2.5 for now.

In theory weight loss is about creating a caloric deficit while still eating enough to fuel the body & get needed nutrients. 3500 calories = 1 pound. I say in theory because each body's metabolism is going to do its own thing.

For the math... Our bodies use calories even for basic functions. If you're a 5'8", 254 pounds, 30 year old female - your BMR is about 1900. Meaning your body uses 1900 calories between breathing, pumping blood, digesting food, etc. Add in another 10-15% for very basic movement to move thru your day. So lets say 2200 daily. This is before exercise.

If you spent an extra 500 calories per day on cardio, then that brings it to 2700. (If you are fairly active it could be higher.) A 1250 daily deficit should result in ~2.5 pounds per week. Assuming you are also doing regular strength training, drinking water, have a normal metabolism, etc.

But many who work out regularly find going too low on calories is a problem & stalls their weight loss, or leaves them with too little energy. If this would happen for you, we can't say. My guess is that it would not be a problem initially but that would change as you increase the intensity on your workouts.

As to how long it would take you to burn 500 calories? Depends on the activity & your intensity level. At 254 pounds you could probably burn that pretty easily in 1 hr. As your weight comes down, however, you'll need to do more intense cardio to keep the burn up. Right now walking might give you a good workout, for example. In a few months when you have improved your fitness level some, walking would burn fewer calories.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 1:11 P

Thanks, Blueplate.

I am on a serious mission to lose this weight, and am going hard to accomplish my goal. I plan to do certain workouts week-to-week, 4 hours a day, so this is half the time of the Biggest Loser workouts.

I am doing some of the Thintervention workouts, Biggest Loser, the SP Bootcamp video (ordered yesterday), and other workouts recommended by the personal trainer at my gym. Rather than being online for hours at a time or watching television, my butt is going to be in the gym, so I know I can do this. :-)

Thanks again.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 1:06 P

Thanks for your advice, but right now, I prefer working out a couple of hours at the gym and maintaining a diet of 1500 calories a day. I have already lost 6 pounds in a week, compared to only shedding 1-2 pounds a week (the SP recommendation) which would have taken me until next month. That's just too slow.

Once I get the weight off, I intend to continue my workouts and a 1500-2000 calorie a day meal plan. I may not have to workout as much (only 3 days a week rather than 6), so that will help me maintain a healthy balance.

BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
11/10/10 1:03 P

While the rate of weight loss seen on the Biggest Loser isn't necessarily bad for you (though keep in mind that those people have doctors waiting in the wings in case they collapse!) it may be unrealistic.

They workout for 8 hours a day! Not everyone has the luxury of taking that kind of time.

That's not to say you won't or can't lost 6+ pounds a week, but just don't get disheartened if that's not your consistent rate of loss.

And I totally agree--you're not the first person to ask how to set up a profile for the first time (or how to edit it later). It needs to be clearer!

Good luck!

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
11/10/10 12:55 P

Recommended rate of weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Sparkpeople will only give you a range for 2 pounds/week maximum. When you set up your goals, you're asked for all that information: weight, goal weight, how many pounds you'd like to lose, etc. Depending on how drastically you've changed your habits, you could lose a lot of water weight in the beginning, but your weight loss might very well slow down. IMHO, slower is better - this increases your chances of taking the weight off. For me, I don't care if it's 1/2 pound a week, as long as it's consistent.

Usually the problem with trying to cut your calories really drastically and also exercise a whole bunch, is that most people find it hard to stick with. In order to lose as much weight as they do, the Biggest Loser people are in the gym hours upon hours a day (supervised by trainers and medical staff) and eat a very low calorie diet. I think the women are eating around 1200 cals/day and still working out 6 hours/day or something. In real life, this isn't that sustainable.

Stick with the range that SP gives you and see how it goes, then tweak it as you go. You might lose less, you might lose more.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 12:43 P

Ok. Thanks.

I am going to repeat what I did last week, especially since I lost 6 pounds. I have been reading that one should try to lose only 2 pounds a week, but that is low to me. I am very heavy, so I need to lose more. I think if people on Biggest Loser, Thintervention and other shows can lose as much as 12 pounds a week, why can't I continue to lose 6 pounds?

Anyway, I have set up my goals on this site now, so I will see how things go.

Thanks for your response.

P.S. They need to add a "getting started" button on the front page. In the video, they say it's on the front page, but it actually isn't. It isn't on my page, anyway.

BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
11/10/10 12:23 P

When you first joined Sparkpeople, did you put in all your info? It'll ask for your age, height, current weight, etc., it'll ask how often you workout, how much weight you'd like to lose, and when you'd like to lose it by. It will then generate a recommended daily calorie range for you, in order to meet your goals.

JAYEFORD Posts: 16
11/10/10 12:15 P

Ok, so I joined this site a week ago and I am still stumped on finding information on how *I* should properly lose weight. I was 260 pounds when I started last Monday (Nov. 1st) and I weighed myself yesterday and I am 254.

Although I lost weight, I want to know the proper way to lose as much as I can by consuming a certain amount of calories.

In a nutshell, I would like to lose 80lbs by June 31st, so with my current weight of 254, and height of 5'8", how many calories should I eat a day to LOSE weight? I also workout at the gym now, so if someone can tell me how many hours a week I need to workout to lose while dieting, that would be great.

I would like to lose more than 5 pounds a week, if possible (like dieters on Biggest Loser), so if I need a very rigorous workout plan, please let me know what I should do as well.


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