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9/26/11 3:05 P

I took birth control pills non stop for 6 months to make my horrible periods lighter and help with some other issues. I spotted the whole time but I think it helped get things a bit under control. I stopped them because the light spotting was getting old, but the last 2 periods since quitting have been no big deal at all. There is a few other procedures you can have done that are ok if you are sure you don't want to get pregnant again, I'm still not 100% so those arent an option for me.

I up my cardio and water exercise the week before I'm due, it seems to help the syptoms once it starts. I also make sure I'm sleeping enough,,, regardless just take good care of you!

9/25/11 3:10 P

yeah, I dont need any help increasing the blood flow, part of the problem is that its too heavy. LOL I have a hard time even moving to do things like dishes, I start to cramp and leak, and have to sit down. I got a hold of my doctor's office on saturday, and talked to the physicians assistant. She told me not to worry about exercising for a couple of days, to just rest and call them on tuesday if its not manageable by then. It doesnt stay heavy long, about three days of bad stuff.

as for strength training, I have an exercise tower with weights that I use four times a week, and small 3 lb weights I use for repetitions while I am on the bike.

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9/25/11 2:30 P


I too am in my late 40s and have been experiencing the glorious symptoms of peri-menopause. I know where you're coming from. While it would feel great to sleep through the next few days, believe me, getting some regular exercise will help you feel better.

When you exercise, you get your blood flowing, literally and figuratively. Exercise increasing the flow of menstrual blood. That helps reduce some of the cramping. So, go have a vigorous workout, it really will help.

And what are you doing for strength training ? One thing I've noticed is that my symptoms don't seem to be as bad as other women my age and I suspect it's because I strength train. Adding lean muscle helps when our estrogen levels are in free fall. The lean muscle helps to drive our metabolism. So, if you haven't been strength training, definitely consider adding it to your exercise routine.

The Daily Spark had a blog about women, strength training and menopause. You can read more here.

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9/24/11 3:51 P


I just turned 50 a few weeks ago and I must say peri-menopause has been a huge challenge. For me, making sure I stick with my running (my main form of cardio) is what keeps the cravings at bay and the insomnia, too. While there was a time I couldn't wait for menopause to get here, I appreciate the health benefits of not going through it too soon.

Hang in there!

Coach Nancy

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9/24/11 3:33 P

Music! Some energetic tunes on my radio or ipod usually gets me in gear any time of the month.

9/24/11 2:29 P

I'm in my 40's and "that time of the month" seems to be getting worse physically. I've just started over, eating a doctor approved diet, and exercising daily. This time though, I feel extremely crampy and even though I am seriously craving chocolate by the truckload, I can manage the food issue, but I'd rather sleep for the next five days than even consider getting on that exercise bike. I'm uncomfortable, cramping and tired, but I'm afraid of gaining back a few pounds in the next few days. I'm also afraid if I dont exercise at all, I will make excuses to not do it when I feel better. Is it ok to take a break? How do other women handle this issue? I'm done having kids, I just wish menopause would hurry up, but doc says it could be another 10 years! things are just not fair. LOL

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