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10/30/11 2:27 P

How about a hard candy like a puffy mint ? I love puffy mints. You may find that sucking on a hard candy might be just the right amount of sweetness you need to keep you from going over the edge. Of course, you could even work in a couple of fun sizes candies if you wanted. Spark People has never been about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. I love chocolate. I love it soooo much I knew I could never give it up, BUT I can watch my portion sizes.

Also, what you might find helpful is buying high quality dark chocolate. temporarily avoid the milk chocolate because it is higher in sugar. The dark chocolates are extremely rich. as a result, you could have one or two small blocks and feel totally satisfied. So, try shelling out for some really really good chocolate. You may find that more satisfying than the cheap stuff. the cheap stuff has no flavor and so you end up eating more just to feel satisfied. You won't have that problem with dark chocolate.

And how about some fruit ? You could have an apple with a splash of peanut butter. That's a very healthy treat.

10/30/11 12:28 P

When I'm craving something sweet (usually ice cream with me), I eat yogurt with cheerios. Sweet yogurt with something crunchy so it's not boring.

Even eating a vegetable helps sometimes-I get the little cans so I can just microwave the veggies and eat right away. Sometimes I tell myself I can have something else after the veggies, but once I eat something healthy I don't want to ruin it.

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10/30/11 2:51 A

Fage nonfat Greek yogurt sweetened with Splenda, maybe a little almond extract on top of frozen fruit. A high protein, low cal ice cream substitute. I like it better than ice cream, actually. Garnish with a few sliced almonds for a decadent dessert.

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10/29/11 11:29 P

I have added fruits to help with the sweet cravings. However, I have also found that totally depriving myself only serves to do 2 things. 1) When I do give in...I go way too far. Like eating a whole bag of 3 Musketeer's snack bars in 1 afternoon. 2) Makes the binges more frequent. So, now I subscribe to the 3 bite rule. On the same lines as the 3 second rule. I will allow myself no more than 3 bites of anything (sweets, salty treats) that is "bad" and not on my plan. I will eat each bite very slowly and savor it. Any more I don't get to the 3rd bite. I find there is either too much fat (Feels yucky on my tongue), too much salt (since I have nearly totally cut salt out), or its just too sweet.

Try the 3 bite rule. Some times I even use the 3 bit rule as a reward for my self. Since Starting this in July, I've shed 51lbs.

Hope this helps you.


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10/29/11 7:25 P

Have you checked spark recipes? Chef Meg has some healthier alternative. I agree with the fruit option. I just had a 60 calorie sugar free hot cocoa and that was a nice treat for me.

I find that if I add some protein with the fruit that I feel more satisfied: apple/almond butter, banana/cottage cheese, walnuts, and sugar free jelly (clean eating recipe called breakfast sundae), greek yogurt with a little honey and some berries.

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10/29/11 5:30 P

Hi Kelly,

What about fruit? Apples are in full swing right not, along with pears. Some people even find that low fat pudding helps or granola bars.

Coach Nancy

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10/29/11 5:16 P

I get a really bad sweet tooth and need help on trying not to hurt my overall number count. What would be something good for you but also help with a BIG sweet tooth, any advice will be helpful thanks emoticon emoticon

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