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HELP!! Stuck on Whether to Buy Elliptical ?

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9/17/12 12:08 P

I love the elliptical. Good luck making your decision.

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9/17/12 11:58 A

Domestics ellipticals and treadmills never seem as robust as gym versions.

I I was to buy an indooer cardio machine the best and most versatile is the "concept 2 " rowing machine. You can use it if you are 100 pounds overweight or an olympic athlete. It is low impact and very robust. The rowers pack away small. They can b e used for HIIT oe endurance and when they do breakdown parts are cheap and easily available.

Furthermore - they are half the price of a good elliptical..

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9/17/12 11:52 A

Sounds like you have things on track and adding a machine would only increase your chances of reaching your goal. My question is this: are there any exercises that you like to do outside like walking/running, bicycling, etc.? If you find something you like, then you can create different intervals to change the intensity and calorie burn and not have to spend a dime.

That being said, if you do decide to buy an elliptical, then your best bet is to shop around at your local sporting goods stores and get a professional opinion. Shopping online is great for small purchases, but for something like this the quality of the product can become very questionable if bought on eBay or Amazon.

Good Luck!!!
emoticon emoticon

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9/16/12 10:48 A

I was looking at getting one last fall, and even some of the nicer, but still affordable ellipticals just don't feel "right" to me compared to the PreCor machines a the gym. My suggestion would be to go to a store the specializes in the full range of cardio equipment and try out one of the space savers back-to-back with one like you would find at the gym. I just didn't find the stride as smooth and natural on the cheaper machines, and didn't think I would enjoy using it on a daily basis.

Would a treadmill be an option for you? They are easier to find used, and a less expensive one might be satisfactory.

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Posts: 805
9/16/12 10:21 A

Hi Diane- way to go! Sounds like you're as motivated as I have been. Love SparkPeople! This is a tough decision you have to make, because used or not, an elliptical a pretty big financial commitment. I think if you are motivated to use it, it's a good idea. Another thing you might want to take a look at (if you haven't before) is the Tony Little HealthRider Twist. It's quite a bit smaller than an elliptical, fun, very easy on the joints (the biggest reason I've always liked an elliptical) and I've found it to be a great cardio workout, esp. if I don't have much time. I keep it tucked away at the side of the couch, and just roll it out when I am ready to use it. Good for arm exercises, too. My mom has an elliptical at her house, that I use when I'm there. It's also a great workout, but it cost her more to get a decent gym-quality machine. Biggest advice: don't "cheap out". Get something good. If you're enjoying doing the DVDs, my two cents would be to stick with that route until you (ever?) get bored, and by then- perhaps the perfect machine will have presented itself to you! Personally, I almost always do the DVDs because I like the feeling of being in a class with the camaraderie- without actually having to drive somewhere, and I'm very self conscious. Best of luck to you on making your decision and reaching your goals!!!

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9/16/12 9:27 A

Greetings: Ino my 5th week of SP! Staying motivated and doing all the right things to be successful on my weight-loss and life-long healthy journey!

Question/HELP: Right now all of my exercise routines are with DVD's (including Spark's 28-day Boot Camp!). I'm torn between buying an elliptical trainer (or not). I'd joined a gym a few years back and had the best workouts ever using one. A great part of the reluctance is price. So here I am trying to rationalize.

Having the freedom to get in a 15-min, 30-min., or whatever (and whenever) workout would be perfect. I've converted my 2nd bedroom into an office where a spacesaver-sized one would fit just fine. And I visualize using it as a life-long tool. (My VERY-fit neighbor's been using hers daily for the past 6 years!)

But I just can't move forward with a decision? Originally I thought, "o.k., look for a used one on Craigs List or Ebay." Upside: wouldn't have to be put together!! Downsides: a) I haven't come across any spacesaver ones; b) a used one doesn't come w/ a warranty.

Then there's the challenge of finding just the right one that'll pretty much replicate the professional ones in the gym. I've read so many comments where in-home exercise equipment doesn't pan out; though having the discipline and momentum is not an issue for me.

But I just can't get off the fence??? I welcome your advice/experiences. Thanks alot.

emoticon ~Diane

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