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9/27/13 10:39 A

by over-rolling, you're aggravating the knots further; you should roll and then leave it for a couple of days to let the inflammation heal.

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9/27/13 8:38 A

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO REPLIED. I have a dr. appointment this morning. it seems that the more I massage, the more sore it gets! But---this too shall pass.!

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9/26/13 3:48 P

EMILY0724: My first suggestion would be for you to see a doctor, especially one who deals with sports injuries, if that is possible.

As far as foam rollers go, I thought maybe they were gimmicks. But I did quite a bit of research and then bought a black one. I had been having, a few months ago, intermittent hip pain, in both hips, but primarily in the left hip. At times it was severe enough that I could not sleep on my side. I began using the foam roller, and at first it was both somewhat painful and definitely uncomfortable. However, now I have had no severe hip pain; when I feel my hips starting to tighten up, I just do a few minutes on the foam roller, including doing my back, thighs, calves, and hips.

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9/26/13 1:43 P

I would second the idea of using a tennis ball (or one of those hand-held rolling bar massagers) for now until the knots start to soften up some. The stretches are a wonderful idea too--I used to think stretching was a semi-waste of time, but I'm a stretch junkie for life!

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9/26/13 11:41 A

Emily, using a foam roller can be a very unpleasant experience. But, I will say that after I used it, I did find my muscles felt a lot better.

However, if you don't like using the foam roller, consider taking a yoga class. There are many good yoga poses, such as pigeon pose, that can help increase the flexibility of your IT band. If you've never done yoga, don't start with pigeon pose. It takes practice. If you take a class, your instructor can show you a proper modification. And if you've never done yoga, I really do encourage you to take a class instead of doing a DVD.

You might also check out these runner's stretches. There is a simple IT band stretch at the end. However, several of the others would help too.

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9/26/13 10:34 A

Keep foam rolling, you don't have to put all your weight on the roller, especially after your legs are warm from exercise. If you really can't foam roll you might want to try to massage your IT band with something like a tennis or lacrosse ball, it will still hurt but you can control the pressure better.

You might also want to try increasing your stretching after exercising.

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9/26/13 9:31 A

I bought a foam roller to stretch my IT band. What an unpleasant surprise! Along my upper outer thigh, the pain is incredible! I have palpable knots all along the IT band . I've done research and it's mostly about knee pain. I don't have knee pain. It doesn't hurt when I walk, but I know the knots are there and try massaging them a couple times a day, take ibuprofen, and use an ointment. The foam roller is too painful at this point. I've only discovered this a week ago and I want it to go away. Has anyone else experienced this? What else can I do?

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