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SLPORTER1978 Posts: 471
8/2/12 5:22 P

Thanks everyone. I will keep doing what I am doing and see how it goes for a couple of weeks. Also AIRAMEI, I only weigh myself once a week - I think I would go crazy if I weighed myself everyday. Thanks again for all the help!!


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8/2/12 5:09 P

Jen and Dragon nailed it. I'm thinking you may have gained a little bit of muscle from your exercises.

Are you weighing everyday or comparing weekly stats? Everyday your weight will fluctuate so it is best to focus on weekly numbers or if you can't wait, maybe compare a Mon to Thur to Mon to Thur, etc.

Stick to the range that Sparkpeople has recommended. Make sure you change your Fitness data to include the estimated calories you will burn each week. I just up'd my estimated calories burned number and my calorie range increased (but by VERY little). If you forget to do this, be sure to at least track your fitness minutes (My Fitness), Sparkpeople will let you know if you are burning too many calories for the caloric range they suggested & will tell you to update your Fitness data.

If two weeks go by (I know it is a long time) and you are STILL gaining weight, I would try to eat at the upper part of your range. You may have to play with your caloric intake to see what is really going on. But I would account for some muscle gain, not to mention all the other fluctuations that the other ladies mentioned.

PS: Same thing happened to me. Dieting only and was losing weight, then started to exericse and it changed. My scale happens to estimate body fat and muscle mass, and sometimes I would lose, but sometimes I would stay the same or gain weight. But sure enough, my body fat % was going down and my muscle up.

PSS: CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!! That is an awesome achievement!

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8/2/12 4:27 P

Jen's right. That's well within the normal range of fluctuation for your weight. You can "gain" or "lose" as much as 5 lbs in a single day. You could be retaining fluid, having a bit of hormonal shift, overdosed on a bit of sodium, anything.

Your weight is not a static number; it's a vital sign, like your blood pressure or your temperature! Weight loss is also not a linear process. You'll see ups and downs, even if you do everything right. :) Keep up your hard work... it'll even out.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
8/2/12 4:01 P

Weight fluctuation is normal. And, a small "gain" when you first start to workout is also normal. You don't need to change anything,a lthough, to be honest, since you've added in exercise, you may actually want to eat more.

SLPORTER1978 Posts: 471
8/2/12 3:54 P

Since I started Spark in May 2012, I have lost 29.4 pounds, which I am happy about. But this week I gained 0.2 (my first gain since I started). It was a shock because I just began exercising and thought that I would lose more this week then the past weeks of just dieting and no exercise. I am confused as to what my calorie differential should be? Here is an example of yesterday for me: Current weight: 240.6; calories eaten: 1,496; BMR 2,228; exercise calories burned: 260; total burned: 2,488; differential: -992. Am I doing something wrong? Am I eating enough or too much? Thanks for all the help!!

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