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1/15/13 11:09 A

emoticon all so much, I really appreciate the feedback!

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1/15/13 6:21 A

fresh fruit is always my 1st choice

1/15/13 12:37 A

I agree.... if you aren't hungry, don't eat just to hit the goals. But if you're hungry - fruit is always a good choice.

Judy Lynn

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1/15/13 12:20 A

That's easy - grab a piece of fruit!

- Kristen
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1/14/13 10:56 P

Here's an article that can help:

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1/14/13 10:14 P

are you hungry?

If you aren't hungry, you don't have to eat

but, if you want - how about a piece of fruit or a yogurt?

1/14/13 8:43 P

I was just under in calories and carbs today, but slightly over in sodium. Does anyone have a suggestion on what a good snack would be? I need 116 more calories and 12 carbs :(

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