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MNIKODEM Posts: 421
10/31/11 6:36 P

My advice and what worked for me is...experiment with various eating plans and exercise routines. What works for others may not work for you have to find something you enjoy and will stick with. Think of this as a lifestyle change and not just a diet.

NIXY72 SparkPoints: (27,115)
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10/13/11 7:30 P

You'll find the tools here amazing, read lots of blogs to motivate you and promise you'll stick with it for a minimum of 30 days... once those days are past and you see the results, you'll have no problem at all finding the motivation to keep going!!

I have been on sparkpeople and following their calorie guidelines for 24 days now and have already seen a drop of 11.8 pounds! (seriously, 11.8... i count every ounce I can... lol)

I am not getting married myself but am a wedding photographer so I know what you're going through. Just remember that on your wedding day you'll feel fabulous when you've hit or come close to your goal and that feels much better than chocolate (chips, mcdonalds, pepsi, etc) tastes right now! :)

Good luck with everything and if you need any advice, just feel free to ask. Trust me, I've seen it all! lol

Hugs to you! emoticon

SIMPLESPARKLE SparkPoints: (534)
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10/8/11 4:48 P

Thank you for sharing that you wanted to lose 30 pounds by your wedding and didn't. I'm sure that is hard to admit. But, what is so inspiring is that you are still trying. I need to lose 30 lbs as well. While I don't have a wedding to look forward to in the near future, I do want to achieve my goal simply so that at every gathering... be it a work party, a social evening, or just being with family during the holidays... I feel good about myself! I'm so tired of the "what am I going to wear so I don't feel fat" dilemma. I'm also tired of spending money to buy clothes just to "get by" in a size that I don't want to buy. They don't look good anyway. The beautiful thing is life goes on. I've been overweight at one too many events already. But, there is a whole lifetime of events I can look forward to. You can too!

10/5/11 1:38 P

I see you posted this a few months ago. Let us know how you are doing! I find that is one of the best ways for me to stay motivated is to have a community that is supportive and to have some accountability. Let the negative comments from your friends and family fuel you, but don't let them have too much credit. Try to stay positive, and keep posting on this site!

I have been struggling with my weight my entire life, and the only thing I do know for sure is that there is no quick fix. It is a lifelong journey of ups and downs. For me, I have to write everything down. Even when I eat something I know that I shouldn't. It is the accountabillity part that is so important.

My short term goal is my wedding, but my long term goal is to be healthy for life.

I don't want to look back at my wedding pictures and thing "yuck, I really wish I had lost that weight!" But even with that thought in the back of my mind, it is a daily challenge.

Good luck and hang in there!

FORDGIRL8907 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/11 12:49 P

I know exactly what you're going through!! I am also trying to lose weight for my wedding in May. My sister is the one that is telling me that i can't do it! but i'll tell you right now, WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just keep positive and like the other people have said, use the negative comments as fuel to keep going! I wish you the best of luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

ARKERLIN Posts: 88
9/30/11 12:37 P

It might time to face your fears and approach these negative people head on! A simple statement such as "I'm working really hard at bettering myself and I would appreciate your support" might knock them off their feet! It's not accusing them but it still lets them know their comments are inappropriate.

Use your fiance as support. Promise that you'll make healthy choices together. Hold each other accountable. Realize that you're not doing this just to look good for one day, but so you can enjoy a long, healthy life together.

Good luck!

KENDYLJ SparkPoints: (0)
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6/13/11 11:46 P

Hey im super new here too.. getting married in july.. ive lost 4 lbs.. and enough inches that my dress finally does up without needing to be let out. . but i have alot to go before od be happy. . and to the lady below that said you regret it. . thanks.. it just reset my mind frame that i still have 30+ days to do all that i can do!!! ..
just dont lose sight of your goal!!

1RONNIEMOM SparkPoints: (0)
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6/11/11 6:10 P

Sometimes good old will power will take you to the finish line! Get your Diet right! Get a exercise plan that fits your needs! If it takes a workout buddy get that too... Make a daily promise to yourself that what you want you will have and it is possible!!!! YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER AND CONTROL USE IT!!!!! Go Get'em emoticon you are emoticon emoticon on the upcoming wedding be the bride you want to be.... I believe you can! emoticon

CCAR414 Posts: 66
6/10/11 2:32 A

I would also definitely take the negative comments and use it as fuel to disprove the naysayers!

You have around a year to lose weight, and actually, when you start making changes now it's easier to lose weight upfront, and when it becomes more challenging to lose weight as you hit plateaus and such, by that point you will have a system down and you will have more energy and drive to exercise to get to the final point. I lost that much weight in less than a year, and all I did was start by cutting down my calories and I cut out all "white" carbs, and made improvements in my workouts as I went along. My fiance and I got off track as we got comfortable and our dates included lots of restaurants, so we are motivating each other to go back to how we were eating and exercising when we met. It's so much better to have both of us on the same page, it would be really hard to watch him eat pizza while I ate a salad, lol. I actually feel like we owe it to each other to help each other become better people, and that includes being healthy, not just for vanity sakes, so that we can grow old together and have energy to enjoy life as a couple.

Defintely come on here and read how people do it, it's really motivating, and people will answer all your questions and help you troubleshoot issues with weight loss or give you their experiences to help you along. I totally think you can do it and if anything, if you just adopt healthy lifestyle changes, that is ultimately the most important thing which no one can detract from by negative comments!!!

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LUCYAPPEL SparkPoints: (0)
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6/7/11 10:32 P

I just got married in February I had to loose about 30 pounds. I didn't lose any weight and today I regret it looking at my pics. I wish you the best, follow everything here and get hooked on here get obsessed with it and it will change your frame of mind. I just yesterday got on a diet and today is my day 2 I am doing very well and I am sticking to the plan, hope you are too! If you need any wedding tips I can share my experience with you.
Love, Lucy

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
6/6/11 7:54 A

ha! i surely know the "you won't be able to do it" comment and boy did i prove them wrong! :)
my advice is to SLOWLY ease into it and LEARN what Spark is all about. Once you learn what to eat and to cook healthy (or healthier) it will be easy.
Also , don't set impossible goals. Yes , you might lose faster but you might lose slower also , so you'll be frustrated. Aim for 1 lbs /week (overall) and you'll be fine. And don't forget to also measure. Inches count to!
I'm also getting married but my future-to-be-hubby isn't reveling a date yet so I'm just going for the slow & steady approach (don't have very much to lose though)

6/5/11 8:46 P

This is my first time on Sparkpeople and I got inspired by several things. One my friend Christina, two my wedding in May of next year and three my own family telling me that I couldn't possibly lose the weight in time for my wedding. I am not one that takes statements like that lying down. I will do it if for nothing else to prove that I can. I am tired of people telling me I can't. "You have no willpower, you have failed so many times before how can we possibly believe that you will do it this time, etc....etc...etc...." So tomorrow is the day. My fiancee and I are doing this together and any and all advice on how to stick to a sensible eating plan and what that would entail would be highly appreciated. This seems to be so big and in front of me and Chris says this is a wonderful place for support and encouragement! So please any help and suggestions I'd love! My name is Tara and I am 37 and would like to lose at lease 100 lbs before my wedding day. It's not all I'd like to lose but its a start and would make me so much happier.

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