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RUBYREDIVY1 Posts: 508
9/10/12 8:50 A

Everything anyone has every recommended in terms of good habits for weight loss probably works. Every diet out there works - if you just follow it. That's what I've learnt. Problem one, it seems can tell you how to stay motivated to do so or find the motivation to do it in the first place... But if unlike me you have tons of motivation, I know I can lose weight by:

Drinking water before meals - helps a lot, makes it easier to gauge how hungry or full I am before and after.

Smaller plates - your eyes are eating with you

Taking a daily walk

Eliminating all negative chatter in your mind about yourself - just think, if you keep going it won't be that body in the mirror anymore, it will be something completely different. So say your farewells to this current body, which doesn't hold any real connotations really aside from what society wants you to think, and embrace the healthier "future" you that awaits you.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,172
9/10/12 8:34 A

Commitment to walk each morning before breakfast.

Planning ahead and monitoring what I eat.

Brushing my teeth after meals and snacks.

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