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LUVLIGHT57 Posts: 9
2/17/13 11:42 P

Thank you. That seems a lot more reasonable! What I had read was 600/hour approximately so the 9cal/minute fits right in with that. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything else on the subject to verify it.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/17/13 5:35 P


Sorry. Fire the trainer.

Exercise is typically 8-12 cals per minute, so the 9 you got for 1 minute is pretty accurate. The suggestion that you could burn 30cals per minute (600 in 20 mins) is just absolutely outrageous. So far beyond reality I'm laughing out loud at your trainer.

The thing is though, HIIT, when done properly, elevates your burn after you do it as well, like strength training does. So you won't burn 600 calories in those 20 minutes, but you'll burn more over the next few hours as well as what you burn while doing it.

Best suggestion is to use your HRM and record the 9cal per minute of that, and consider any extra 'afterburn' of HIIT as a bonus that will off-set any errors in calculations. This is why we tend to try to log lower than reality rather than higher for all estimations - so we don't overstate things.

LUVLIGHT57 Posts: 9
2/17/13 4:48 P

I've been doing HIT training for several months, alternating with cardio and other resistance workouts. Having hit a plateau I bought the BodyMedia band to help me figure out where to tweak my routine. My trainer at HIT says that in the 15-20 minute workout (bringing 7 muscle groups to temporary failure) people generally burn about 600 calories. My BodyMedia band says I worked out for 1 minute and burned 9 calories. Hmmm. Considering I could barely walk after my workout I doubt the BodyMedia band is correct!

So, my question is: does anyone know where I can find information about how to figure my actual calorie burn with HIT?

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