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9/5/13 6:14 P

With your specific routine, don't forget about the option of circuit training, that could combine both cardio and strength training and keep your heart rate up the entire time. I often will do circuit training when I'm short on time and can't do both.

You can do it two ways, but I used to love doing one ST machine/exercise, then doing 1-3 minutes of cardio on my choice of equipment; then back to the next ST machine/exercise, and another 1-3 minutes of cardio.

Great workout. Just a thought that came to mind!

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9/5/13 4:56 P

Thanks very much. That is pretty much what I am doing. Using my polar for the cardio and then taking a screen shot of my workout card on my phone and filling it in when I get home. Working a treat. Thanks.

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9/5/13 1:57 P

you could always keep a notebook with you at the gym and log the calories you burn on the machines (they usually keep track digitally) and also write down the exercises you did on the treadmill, bike, etc while also writing what strength training exercises you do and how many reps

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9/2/13 5:17 P

Thanks. I am using the fitness tracker on here and will keep doing so. Many thanks.

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9/2/13 5:16 P

Thanks for the advice. I am using the spark people fitness tracker to get my results but also have a Polar FT7 that I use for cardio.

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9/2/13 8:39 A

I've always done my separately depending on how long I do each exercise.

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9/2/13 6:21 A

You could follow the link in the Fitness tracker to "Enter you own exercise" and list it as one entry.

btw, how are you caclulating this? HRM's will not produce accurate results for calories burned from strength training - they are based on the assumption of your muscles working aerobically as they do for cardio. With ST, your muscles are working anaerobically
(without oxygen), and your heart rate does not respond in the same way as it does for cardio exercise.


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9/2/13 5:37 A

Hi there. I have been going to a gym 3 times a week for 1 hour 20 mins a time. I am doing a mix of treadmill, exercise bike and strength training every time. How Do I track this.? Can I track the amount of calories I burn as a total or do I have to break it down. I am doing roughly 620 calories a time.

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