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3/1/13 4:25 P

You can hire a trainer for one session that would be great. They can set you up with a great, goal oriented routine and show you some effective moves and proper form. It is so worth the investment.

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3/1/13 1:23 P

I started the Couch to 5k program yesterday. I love it!
I wouldn't be able to afford a person trainer, but I'd love to have one.

ANGUSSANDY Posts: 10,516
3/1/13 8:36 A

C25K is a good idea. I also think even one session with a trainer on the weights is invaluable. As you are learning how to use machines, ask other questions about your goals, # times per week,etc. They love to help, in my experience.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,634
3/1/13 8:35 A

You've gotten some great answers on the exercise end of it, so I'll comment on the diet side first.

In your original post you mention that you think you probably undereat---that will be a HUGE problem over time. If you haven't already done so, set up your information in spark and see what calorie range it gives you. From your post, you'd probably want to set up for either maintenance or just a pound or two loss (with a way out achievement date) to start. Then start tracking honestly, every day, and see what patterns jump out at you over time. I'm not a vegetarian, but it seems like getting enough protein might be an issue if you're not careful. Adequate protein will be essential if you're going to add in the strenous activities of lifting and running.

Don't worry about getting big and bulky from strength training - it won't happen, I promise. However, a full body workout 2 or 3 times a week WILL reshape your body over time, if you feed yourself well in the meantime.

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3/1/13 8:17 A

Most gyms offer one or two sessions with a trainer when you sign up - they can help you put something together. One thing to keep in mind with a group class like Body Pump - form is really important. Sometimes in the group classes the instructor doesn't always correct bad form, so I would make sure my form is good with the exercises (esp. squats and lunges) before I go into the class.

2/28/13 8:28 P

I would hire a personal trainer at your gym for 1 or 2 sessions. Tell them exactly what you want to achieve. They can start a routine for you and show you how to do the exercises using proper form. It will be a very worthwhile investment.

SPUTNIK512 Posts: 1,730
2/28/13 7:19 P

I second the suggestion to use a C25k program to start running. I used the program on and loved it!!!

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2/28/13 6:35 P

I know someone suggested a group class for strength training - one that is super effective for everyone is Les Mills Body Pump and if its offered at your gym and your instructor is anything like mine they'll help you determine where to start off weight wise at the beginning and help you determine when to increase your weight.

LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
2/28/13 6:17 P

I was unsure of the weights portion of working out... I used the machines but didn't know what to use when... I am now going by The Female Body Breakthrough workout plan. I suggest buying the book and giving that a try! It will certainly help you tone up and has lots of good info for someone in your shoes.

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2/28/13 4:35 P

Hi, gloria !

If you've never run before and would like to start, I suggest starting with a Couch to 5K program. A C25K assumes no prior running experience and will literally take you from your couch to a 5K road race. You can go here for more info.

Cool Running is also an excellent runner's website.

Also, if you've never run before, get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. Don't wear any old shoe. someone who runs needs to make sure their feet have proper support. Because wearing the wrong shoes while running can cause a bunch of different problems.

So, don't skimp on your feet. Go to a reputable running/walking store or a reputable sports store to be fitted for decent shoes.

Now, as far as losing inches off your waist, not an easy question to answer. At your current weight and height, you're already at the low end of health with a BMI of 19.9. I know you feel your waist is too big and needs to be smaller, but at a BMI 19.9 you may find it difficult to lose. That's because your body fat probably already is low and might not go lower. Here's the thing with women. Women are supposed to carry some body fat to be healthy. And if it goes too low, we're at risk for a number of medical issues including loss of menstrual cycle and osteoporosis.

What to do ? If you want to start running, get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes and check out a Couch to 5k program. If you want to start strength training, you might consider taking a weight training group class like Body Pump. Check the gym schedule to see what's available. could be a sculpt class. could be flex and pump. these classes have lots of different names.

However, a group weight training class will do two things. One, you'll learn the basics of strength training. two, you'll have access to an instructor who can watch you for form. Form is everything when a person starts strength training.

You might want to find these books at your local library. they are good basic beginner strength training books.

New Rules of Lifting for Women

Body for Life - Bill Philips.

GLORIANOV SparkPoints: (91)
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2/28/13 4:13 P

I'm 5'7" and 127 pounds and a female. I'm an ectomorph. I'm no where near overweight or anything, but I really want to lose a few inches around my stomach, because that's where most of the fat goes on my body.

Here are my goals:
Lose a couple of inches or so
Go from skinnyfat to just tight and toned (not muscle-y or bulky)

I want to start running and going to the gym.

Here's the problem, I have no idea what to do at the gym and what order. I know how most of the machines work. Can someone please help me create a gym routine so I know what to do when I get there? I would love some tips and advice to start out my fitness journey

As of diet, I'm doing my best to keep a clean diet. But i'm not hungry a lot and I think I eat a lot less calories than I should. I've been vegetarian for four years.

Here are some pictures:

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