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6/9/13 7:24 P

Thank you everyone for the input! It felt somewhat discouraging to hear someone laugh at me, when I'm giving it my all to get back into shape. I don't mind criticism from someone who may have experience in running. I wish instead of laughing, the employee would have approached me, and given advice.

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6/9/13 7:19 P

Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking about doing a short exercise on the elliptical or bike before doing my run, to give a burst of energy. I usually do my runs 30 min to an hour after waking up.

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6/9/13 2:23 P

I would definitely speak to a manager about what they said, it is inappropriate.

I look exhausted when I work out, I get covered in sweat, and look just plain ugly, lol.... I don't understand the ladies with perfect makeup sitting on the machines talking on their phone. If your gym is filled with those girls, maybe the employees aren't used to seeing someone actually working hard!!

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6/9/13 12:48 P

Just ignore them. It's not their body, not their workout, and YOU know you're okay. What they think doesn't matter. There will always be someone who "knows more" than you do... or at least thinks they should.

In fact, a word to the manager about the employee's inappropriate comments wouldn't be amiss. There's always going to be a well-meaning, friendly gym member who can't keep their mouth shut, but there's no reason you should have to deal with that.

Not everyone likes walking and reading magazines on the treadmill. You should be celebrated, not mocked!

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6/9/13 12:46 P

1. You shouldn't be running as fast as you can doing C25K. Your pace during all runs should be EASY, the goal is to build endurance.

That said, the gym employees were out of line.

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6/9/13 12:06 P


I thought to post of what occurred at the gym today to get different perspectives from others.

Currently I am completing the couch to 5k on a treadmill. I am on week 6 day 3. When running on the treadmill, I use an incline of 1 and running speed of about 6.5. After 2 failed attempts I was finally able to run for 25 minutes (continuously). However, after completing the workout I was drenched in sweat and exhausted. Anyway, I overheard one of the gym employee speaking with another concerning my look of complete exhaustion, and laughing. The gym goer states that she has seen other young people run this way. Then the employee states, why not just slow down "they have plenty of time". I am somewhat offended. I am attempted to get back in shape, and train for a 5k. I may be drenched in sweat and exhausted, but each day my body feels better. When running on the treadmill I run faster because at a slower rate I feel tired, and don't want to push through. When running outside, I go at slower pace, to enjoy the scenery, and it is more difficult for me when running outside.

Should I be offended? Is having a completely exhausted look offensive? I use strong deodorant to make sure I do not smell offensive. Any and all perspectives are appreciated.

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