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1/6/14 5:39 P

Take a look at some of the Sparkpeople videos. I have done the kickboxing one and a couple core ones. Otherwise do some jumping jacks, march in place, or jump rope in your apartment. You could even take a walk around the halls, maybe go to a mall and go for a walk around.

1/6/14 5:35 P

Hi Sparkpeople,

I am very fortunate to have a gym in my building. However, due to the freezing temps, it is now closed because the pipes in the ceiling burst!

I had a great streak of 6/7 of the past days going to the gym. I was doing strength training, followed by a half hour to 45 mins of cardio.

I was so bummed when I got the email at work today. I'm brainstorming ideas to keep active from my apartment. I have no equipment, but was thinking I would invest in some dumbbells. Anyone have any favored routines to workout when they don't have access to gym for the different muscle groups? Favored cardio?

Thanks! Stay safe and warm!

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