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BELLAARADIA SparkPoints: (0)
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11/30/11 1:18 P

$24.99/MO (LA FITNESS, previously BALLYS)

SEEMEVEE05 Posts: 70
11/30/11 12:29 P

I joined planet fitness. I have a $19.99 membership it allowes me to use any planet fitness in the US. They also have a $10 plan that you can use only at the one you get your membership thru and it doesnt have a contract. You can cancel it at any time.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,807
11/30/11 11:24 A

$80 per month for a family membership at the Y. We can use any of them in our city and they all have pools. We have done swim lessons and basketball through the Y.

REBECCAANN08 Posts: 173
11/30/11 10:23 A

I pay $20 a month for an Anytime Fitness membership. It works for me because, as a graduate student, my available hours are all over the place. But the gym only has ST and cardio equipment. There aren't classes or a pool or anything. It works for me though emoticon

DASDAONE311 Posts: 12
11/29/11 10:10 P

Gold's Gym, $19.99/mo, no contract

SWTESKAPE Posts: 115
11/29/11 3:27 P

I have SNAP fitness and it is $30 per month per person if you do not prepay. They do not have contracts, just a 1 month advance notice of cancellation. They are franchised out and I would recommend looking into the one that you are looking at first. Mine is owned by a great lady and the place is kept clean and well maintained.

MOM345 Posts: 30
11/29/11 2:16 P

We pay $72 a month for a family y membership. It's includes classes, childcare, and 2 pools, and it's worth it for us (the cost for non member swimming lessons for my kids would be an extra $200 a month, so it pays for itself even if we don't go).

I used to belong to a planet fitness for around $15 a month, but I only used the treadmill back then. Now I mostly run outside and take yoga/zumba/swimming at the y, so I wouldn't be interested in going back there.

MLAN613 Posts: 17,549
11/29/11 1:16 P

I personally pay $0 because I work at the gym I use. My husband was able to get a membership for $169 for a whole year. The monthly rates aren't too terrible because it's a city run community center. A resident family pays $45.99 for a basic membership.

KELLYM728 Posts: 86
11/29/11 12:57 P

I pay $50/month but it is completely worth it to me. I'm usually at the gym 4-6 days a week so nicer amenities are much appreciated. There are 2 pools, tons of class offerings including yoga and Pilates, a very clean locker room, and a huge free weights area; all of which I utilize. Plus there is a park .5 miles away which allows me to park at the gym and go for a nice run without having to drive home first.

MRS1221 Posts: 213
11/29/11 12:50 P

I have spent anywhere from $15 to $150 a month.

I began working out at home and invest that same money into DVDs, weights, various equipment needs, and now a new treadmill. We still have a membership, but it's a bare-bones facility that we use when we need a change of scenery.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
11/29/11 12:45 P

All of the gyms in my area are $90+ per month.

LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
11/29/11 11:38 A

I joined Planet Fitness last January and only paid $99 for the year (I plan to do it again this year). There is a non-chain gym near my house and I believe their rates are about $10/month basic and $20/month with classes included. I did a 30 day trial at a nearby women's only gym and it was about $80/month with classes included and was a very nice facility.

I think price will vary based on what you're looking for (classes, basic equiptment, pool, fancy locker room, etc.). I agree with JENMC14 about looking to see if you can get a "classes only" membership. You can also look into alternatives to gyms for classes. For instance, there is a local dance studio by me that offers Zumba and yoga classes (I think the drop in rate is about $10/hour class) and I do a fitness boot camp that also runs about $10/session.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
11/29/11 8:27 A

I do not belong to a gym, but my husband does. I buy punch cards to take classes there. They are normally $50 for 10 classes, but in September they had a sale for 1/2 price. I bought 3! They are doing the sale again, but I am waiting to see what the new owners are doing to the class schedule before buying more. You could ask if any of the local gyms have a program like that.

Also, odn't be afraid to haggle or ask about discounts. Are you an LEO? Ask about a discount. Teacher? Student? Ask. It can't hurt. Discount for paying a year in? Will they give you a classes only membership? Gyms often hurt in a poor economy, so you might be able to talk someone into a deal that works for you.

LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (202,600)
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11/28/11 11:26 P

We use Fitness 19. Don't know if it is a small chain, but we pay 19.00 a mo. for two of us. In a year and a half, we will only pay 8.00 a month for two for life. Many gyms run great deals or will negotiate. Our gym has all the popular classes, all weights, cardio machines, a circuit section, lots of free weights, jump ropes, bars, and balls......... I guess we are lucky. Small town allegiance.

11/28/11 11:05 P

We are a low-income family, so I would never be able to afford to join a gym were it not for our YMCA scholarship program! The reduced rate they give us ($15/month) is still a bit of a stretch for me, but I know our health is worth working into our budget!

11/28/11 8:39 P

I go to LA Fitness. It has classes, pool, B-ball, R-ball, Sauna, ect. I pay 29 a month w/ no money down and no contract. I can cancel at anytime(for free) or freeze my account for $10. I love it!

11/28/11 7:40 P

Gyms are definitely expensive in my area - more so than a lot of other places it seems. I used to pay $50/month for a full gym - cardio, weights, classes, and a small pool. Now I pay $65/month for the rock climbing gym, which is mostly climbing walls, plus a few weight machines and some cardio equipment. No classes, but I enjoy the climbing a lot more than the classes, and I find it to be a much better full-body workout.

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
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11/28/11 6:38 P

I pay $90 a month for the YMCA here. It has cardio equipment, weights, a pool and drop-in classes. The base rate would be $60 per month, but I pay the extra thirty dollars for access to the upgraded change room with a steam room, whirlpool and privacy. As I live and teach within a few blocks of the gym, the added privacy is pretty important.

ELSEYGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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11/28/11 5:36 P

Sadly, no Planet Fitness near me.

11/28/11 5:29 P

You can get a membership for Planet Fitness for $10/month. They have a $10 & $20/monthly membership.

ACR4020 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/28/11 5:15 P

I pay $25 a month for a full gym including every workout machine imaginable. Plus classes and a pool. Luckily, I work for the healthcare corp that owns it. Otherwise, its $50 a month.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (103,583)
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11/28/11 4:43 P

I go to Planet Fitness and it's $20/month. There are no classes - just free weights and machines.

ELSEYGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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11/28/11 4:40 P

I'm looking for classes mainly. I know there are classes through the rec center in town, but it seems like they add up fast if you take more than one at a time.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (190,535)
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11/28/11 3:49 P

This really can vary. Currently, the cheapest memberships can be found at "no frills" gyms like Planet Fitness or WOW (work out world). Both had deals where you paid $10 per month with no money down. But, those are no frills gyms. all they have are weights and cardio equipment, no pool, no classes, etc...

Places like Golds, 24 Hour Fitness, Ballys, LA Fitness, etc... depending on the membership, they can run anywhere from $20 - $50 per month.

You have to ask yourself what it is YOU are looking for in a gym. If you don't want classes, then a no frills gym like Planet Fitness might be your best option. If you are looking for classes, pool, sauna, etc... then you'll need to pay a bit more per month. The old adage goes,"you get what you pay for".

ELSEYGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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11/28/11 3:17 P

How much do you pay for a gym membership? I'm trying to get local prices for various gyms, but they all seem so expensive!

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