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1/18/14 12:41 P

Look up the specific type of class in the tracker. Most of the typical things that you can do in a gym are there.

Dances: salsa (standard/LA), casino, rueda de casino, cumbia Colombiana, cumba Mexicana, bachata, mambo, cha-cha-chá, merengue, reggaetón.

Dances to Learn in the future: flamenco, tango Argentino, samba, belly dancing, bhangra, danzón, Cuban rumba, ballroom rumba
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1/18/14 9:59 A

I can't give you a specific answer for how many calories you burned in a specific class because I am not you. Calories burned doing any activity depends on your size, how hard you worked, and the type of activity. I burn a lot more calories, for example running than doing a group fitness class because it's higher intensity.

If you are looking for your own way to track calories, I know the SP tracker is decent but a heart rate monitor like Polar works great too.

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1/18/14 7:49 A

I recently joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, and I'm taking classes. Prob is, no one at the gym can give me calories burned or anything on the classes. I'm fudging by using the "strength training, moderate, yada yada" for my pt sessions; and doing the same with my aqua zumba; just using the plain zumba exercise. Does anyone know the calories burned for: aqua zumba, body pump/body burn, aqua kickboxing, ab class? I understand I wont get exact #'s, but being able to get an idea would be a huge help. Also, my gym offers its own fitness/calories burned tracker for sale, which syncs with your computer to keep track of every step you walk, all your exercise, and it keeps track of the # of minutes per day your heart rate goes over 140, plus a bunch of other stuff. I know sparkpeople has their own suggested tracker, but can ANYONE give me an honest answer as to the best one, whether it's a gym product, sparkppl or one found on amazon or ANYWHERE else?

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