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4/14/10 9:03 P

139 calories yesterday and today.

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DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
4/14/10 3:29 P

Without having a heart rate monitor, it's hard to determine how many calories you burned doing wii fit plus.

If you're using the fitness tracker, if you select add cardio and search for wii fit, it looks like they have wii fit free run. Is that what you did? If so, enter the amount of time you did it and it should calculate how many calories you burned. I'm not sure how they do the calculation on that one but it should at least give you a ball park number.

LANCE992 SparkPoints: (51,046)
Fitness Minutes: (95,734)
Posts: 598
4/13/10 11:21 P

Did a 12.3 mile run on my wii fit plus and am on weight watchers and need to count it. Took all of a 1/2 hour. And tonight was a hellish nightmare at dinner. went to bob evans and ordered the one peice grilled chicken not knowing that they ran out of grilled chicken so dimwit me gets the meatloaf knife and fork...17 points. Looks like I will be going into my WPA. Gainsville here I come. And what makes it worse is I am 6 lbs from goal.

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