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WHEEZELO Posts: 165
8/17/10 1:27 A

1943 Winchester Model 12, got it from my grandfather

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/17/10 12:13 A

Browning Citori 20 gauge Gold inlay # 8 of 25 I own it

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/16/10 3:18 P

Ithaca O/U 20 ga. w/gold inlays (was my Dad's).

JB41234 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,586)
Posts: 46
8/16/10 10:12 A

LWRC R.E.P.R 7.62mm x 51mm (NATO) I want it

FITPRO77 Posts: 1,821
8/16/10 9:16 A

s&W M&P40c ....... got it

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
8/16/10 7:08 A

TUBS 2000 in 6.5 Creedmore

really really want it

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/15/10 5:46 P

Browning BBR .25-06 w/old Weaver V-9 dot reticle.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/14/10 11:57 P

S and W 6906 got it

8/14/10 11:11 A

Colt defender want it!

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/14/10 10:40 A

Remington Model 22 .257 Roberts (was my Grandpa's)

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
8/14/10 8:41 A

M249 SAW - want it

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/14/10 7:29 A

Barrett M82A1 I want it!

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/13/10 3:16 P

Ruger .25-06 w 24" barrel and Leuopold VXIII 3.5x10 w/50mm Bell.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/13/10 7:50 A

Colt AR 15a1 HBar Match got it

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
8/13/10 7:45 A

Shiloh Sharps in 45, 2-1/4 I want it.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/12/10 8:40 P

Doug I had a A bolt as well, I loaned out and it was stolen, that was how I got the Weatherby. The guy I loaned it to bought it to replace mine, the gun shop where he was at only carried Weatherby's.

Todays I want it gun, Browning BAR M1918A2

8/12/10 2:54 P

After the elections I sold both of my Aks and Ars for a hefty profit, I will be buying back in now that prices are down. 1 of each, Yugo underfolder with wooden upper, And a Stag AR.
Another interesting thing is Stag make a left handed AR, My wife is left handed, but had no trouble at all with my former Bushmaster or Armalite. No rounds in the face and she loved shooting them.

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FIGHT_FAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (13,663)
Posts: 403
8/12/10 2:14 P

I would like to pick up a rifle in 7mm 08. I thought this was common enough to find in the pawn shops but I have come up empty after a few looks. I guess I will keep looking.

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
Fitness Minutes: (139,273)
Posts: 4,405
8/12/10 2:11 P

Ingram Mac 11, wishing, wishing

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/12/10 1:44 P

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 1/2" Chamber (Camo) 12 Ga.

8/12/10 11:34 A

Glock 23, My carry firearm. got it

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WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/11/10 10:38 P

Weatherby Mark V Deluxe .300 win mag with a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm scope Got it

DANSTOUT Posts: 735
8/11/10 4:28 P

I'm going to start with the oldest and work my way up.

Winchester 25 35 bolt action. Got it

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/11/10 10:59 A

Browning A-Bolt Stalker .338 Win Mag with Boss and Leuopold VX III 3.5x10 X 50mm.

JOEKOOL202 SparkPoints: (6,893)
Fitness Minutes: (6,121)
Posts: 241
8/11/10 10:40 A

Remington 1100 20 guage. Sweet gun, use it dove hunting. Also killed my first deer with it (slug).

FITPRO77 Posts: 1,821
8/11/10 9:39 A

Smith and wesson M&P15 (aka ar15), with eotech holographic site, eaotcech 3x magnifier, quad rails, the it, love it.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
8/11/10 7:52 A

Armalite AR-15 Natinal Match - got it, love it.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/10/10 6:19 P

Coin, the Springfield is a tack driver and one of my favorite guns to shoot.

Colt 1911 A1 "Government Issue" I own it, very tight gun unlike most government issued .45

8/10/10 2:02 P

Doug thats a nice gun, I was looking at the Tikka in 7mm mag...I want it

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/10/10 12:40 P

Parker Hale Deluxe 7mm Remington mag.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
8/10/10 9:19 A

I've found the .458 Lott to be effective against varmints.

AQUAPOWERS SparkPoints: (17,037)
Fitness Minutes: (28,749)
Posts: 616
8/10/10 9:07 A

None for me thanks. On second though, what's good to take out squirrels and chipmunks? emoticon

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
8/10/10 8:59 A

A timely thread.

Been a shooter for 20+ years, but mostly target. I've never been a hunter.

However this year I'm going to try deer hunting. I've got a 308, but it's basically a varmint rig - heavy and long to be lugging through the woods. I'm looking to buy a deer rifle and have been seriously eyeballing the Ruger #1 in 308. Here's the rub - they don't chamber the #1 on 308! Really!? One of the three or four most popular cartridgeIN THE WORLD and they don't chamber the #1 for it!? What gives!?

Anyway, Ruger #1 is my rifle for the day.

I might get it in 45/70, one of my favorite cartridges.

Oh, and as a side note, the fitter you are, the better your shooting is.

Edited by: HAMNKING at: 8/10/2010 (09:01)
8/9/10 11:27 P

Oh man that springfield is nice if its the one I was looking at? Bipod on the front? I took one out this year for dear but with no bi pod obviously.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/9/10 4:48 P

Springfield Armory M1A Match .308 Got it

8/9/10 2:33 P

Savage Arms model 10 FCM Scout in .308 Winchester. Want it, need to get a carry pistol first though.

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/9/10 12:40 P

Remington .338 Ultra Mag with muzzle brake and 4x14 Swarovski Scope.

FITPRO77 Posts: 1,821
8/9/10 11:59 A

sig sauer p229 in 40cal, i got it

8/9/10 8:44 A

S&W 442 with CT grips, I got it wife carries it

CCBRAGA Posts: 329
8/9/10 3:17 A

I want:

A gold plated Desert Eagle.

BRIANETICS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,517)
Posts: 135
8/9/10 2:52 A

Ruger 10/22 rifle. I know, it is basically a glorified BB gun, but it counts.

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/8/10 9:35 P

Very Cool. I love my Kimber for sure and the CT grips make it really a nice set up. A buddy of mine has a Raptor that he has metioned selling that he carries sometimes but has nver been fired. I hope he's decent on the pricing and I may have another one.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/8/10 9:24 P

Doug that's cool, I thought this would be an easy way to get points every day. Got to love those Kimbers! My covert has CT handgrips as well

Todays I got it gun, Ruger Red Hawk 44 mag with a Leupold 2x scope. My hunting handgun.

Edited by: WILKERSONR at: 8/8/2010 (21:25)
DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/8/10 7:03 P

That's what I get fo rnot going down to the start of the post. Sorry. I can do long guns and get in a few days.

8/8/10 6:47 P

Doug your supposed to post one a day :P Drooling over my keyboard

DOUGZ69 Posts: 617
8/8/10 3:28 P

Kimber Ultra Compact II 45 with CT grips, or Colt Python 357, or S&W Sigma .40, or Ruger LCR with CT em all and permits to carry.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
8/8/10 3:10 P

No guns. I live in Washington, DC. Supposedly we can own a handgun now, but good luck finding a place to buy one in the city. I want a Beretta 9mm.

8/8/10 10:20 A

mosberg intimedator 9 shot laser pump, with bayonet lug, made one year for law enforcement and military, I got it

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/7/10 10:24 P

Kimber Covert II CDP Pro 45 cal, I got it

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/7/10 10:23 P

Okay it seems like we have several hunters and shooters in here, so lets get some easy points.

List one gun per person per day and if you want it or own it.

This is also your chance to ask other about a gun you might want yourself.

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