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4/9/12 4:12 P

Good job girlie! :)

4/3/12 2:29 P


ZELDANEKIRA_96 Posts: 695
3/30/12 6:21 P

Way to go! :D

"The biggest mistake, is giving up." - Unknown
"Nothing ventured nothing gained."
"Do what you are afraid to do." - R. W. Emerson

Some of my favorite quotes in life. :)
LAVENDER101 Posts: 127
3/30/12 6:18 P

Great choice! Every smart decision helps! Keep it up!

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CW: 125 lbs.
GW: 122-126 lbs.

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GOTH_CHICK_14 Posts: 10
3/30/12 3:46 P

Well, I went to the ice cream shop, and I got a small cup with non-fat Pink Grape Fruit Sorbet!!! Yay! How is that?

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