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5/3/13 3:35 P

I guess its all about perspective..... gotta work on perspective

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/3/13 3:09 P

I've been losing weight at a good rate (about 2#/week) but there's been nothing "easy" or "minor" about it. I've gone from 3000+ calories a day, to 1300. Not minor! I've completely cut out ALL fast food and "processed snack food", down from an almost-daily habit; I now cook 20 out of 21 meals each week from scratch. Not easy! And i've been diligently, consistently, monitoring and recording every morsel of food that i consume. I put a LOT of work into this, and my expectation is to lose 1-2# week, and I do, and so are you - your results are quite in line with what a person can reasonably expect!

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5/3/13 3:03 P

People don't lose large amounts of weight by making only small changes, don't worry. It's just often easiest/best to start that way.

It sounds like you're doing fine. Don't take the scale too seriously until you're in a position to add up six weeks or a couple of months of change. That should be enough time to average out daily and weekly fluctuations, water weight and all of that sort of stuff, and enough time to learn your body's patterns (if you're weighing daily). Then you'll have a better idea of how well you're accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

ELENGIL Posts: 957
5/3/13 2:08 P

First: (hugs)

And GOOD FOR YOU for making positive changes in your life! That's great, feel proud for working for a healthier you.

Now, as for three weeks, that's a very short amount of time, and it can take much longer to start seeing the difference. I would ask, what results are you hoping for? You said you aren't seeing the results you'd like, and it's possible you're expecting more than should be expected.

For now, I'd say just keep with what you're doing. Eat within your calorie and nutritional ranges, continue with your exercises, and don't put so much stress on yourself to see immediate results.

Remember, none of us got unhealthy or overweight overnight, you won't see positive results overnight either.

I understand being frustrated, but often times a lot is happening inside that we can't see or measure, so just be confident you are making the right choices for a healthier life and be patient to see that materialize on the scale or in your clothing sizes.

How are you feeling otherwise? Sometimes emotional changes are as important as physical ones.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
5/3/13 2:00 P

It's not your results that are out of line; it's your expectations. You've lost 2 pounds in 3 weeks, and you only have 26 pounds to lose. In other words, you've lost 8 percent of what you need to lose. The people who lose weight "easily" have more of it to lose. Someone who had 75 pounds to lose (about average for beginners here) would have to have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks before they could say their results are as good as yours. They wouldn't do that just by making minor changes.

It might be easier to see this if you put it into a context other than weight. Let's think about money. Let's say that you're $2600 in debt, and you have a friend who's $7500 in debt. You scrimp and save and pay off $200 every 3 weeks. She scrimps and saves and pays off $400 every 3 weeks. Whose results are better? Hint: You'll be out of debt within a year. She won't.

So you don't need to change anything about what you're doing. You just have to change how you're measuring results. Think proportionately-- look at percentages, not just raw numbers.

5/3/13 1:54 P

Have you been using the nutrition tracker?
How the calories add up was a big eye opener! emoticon
Also using the tracker lets you see if you are eating a good balance of food - you don't want to eat like a rabbit (ever seen a skinny, healthy rabbit?)

Plus do you need to lose the weight? Maybe you are where you are meant to be? (Use the basic BMI calculation to see if you are in a good range - the BMI is not perfect but it can give you an idea.)

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5/3/13 1:32 P

So Im on here to really pay attention to what I eat, to make sure I am eating the right things and to lose weight. I have been doing this for the past three weeks. Great, right? No. I am not seeing the results I would like to see. I see people easily losing weight just by making minor changes, and it seems like I am giong nowhere. Im not saying I want to quit I am just saying I am currently very very very frustrated. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to change? I stay within my calories, I work out 4-6 times a week. What is happening?? Am I eating too much? Not enough? aaah... sorry to rant.... just incredibly frustrated...

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