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MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
6/10/13 11:40 P

So much easier now that my husband and I eat more produce and meat and less processed stuff. I barely have to write a shopping list, I just look in my fridge and see what's missing and "fill it" .

There's something invigorating with having a cart full of healthy fresh food that helps motivate me to cook better and strangely makes me feel sexier too, knowing that I'm eating good stuff...

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I love to cook and bake. I have compiled hundreds of recipes on Pinterest: Crowd pleasers: Traditional & Lightened versions of timeless favorites, as well as: gluten free, vegan, Paleo & Grain-Free... and a ton of Scones and desserts.
6/10/13 11:20 P

I used to love grocery shopping. the stores were clean and organized ( unlike my life) and I could be creative and make interesting meals. then babies and a budget and trying to feed a family of picky eaters ruined the experience. Spark is bringing it back. I still have a budget, and more health challenges to work around, and the eaters are still really picky, but I tend to think of it as a challenge. I avoid processed. Buy fresh.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,607
6/10/13 11:44 A

it gets easier, I tend to cook a lot so there aren't too many labels involved but mastering label deciphering will make it easier


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6/10/13 11:29 A

Ditto the not buying stuff in a package. But, another thing that helps me is knowing where my "regular" foods are located in the store I shop at, and then I make my list based on where items are in the store. That way I don't find myself wandering down the cookie aisle :)

And, like others said, it gets way faster and easier the more you do it. I still spend a fair amount of time doing my meal planning, but that's only because I try 3-4 new recipes a week since cooking is my hobby. But on the weeks where I'm doing repeat recipes, doing my meal planning, list making, and shopping is all done in under an hour combined time. Also helps to go to the store in off peak times, Saturday morning is my favorite because my store restocks the produce on Friday nights so I have my pick of what I want, and the store isn't crowded at all until later in the day.

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6/10/13 11:09 A

The longer you eat a certain way the easier it will be. I used to spend hours in the grocery store trying to compare. Now that we have been eating this way for a while now, I know exactly what I buy. It's nearly the same list each week. I am down to under 1.5 hrs each week, depending on how my 2 toddlers are acting!

SUNGIRL822 Posts: 754
6/10/13 11:01 A

It's even worse trying to find gluten free stuff... I've found my market mixes organic and gluten free, it's miserable!!!

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
6/10/13 9:17 A

I agree with DRAGONCHILDE---if it has a label, don't buy it! Or buy basically the same thing each week (where you have already read the labels) There are very few processed food I buy anymore and making a list and sticking to it helps.
Had to edit to add----frozen vegetables have labels but the ingredient list is short and you can pronounce what is in it. I make exceptions for things like that.

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
6/10/13 9:07 A

Most of the label I buy are no bigger than my thumb. Fruits and veggies don't really have a label. I buy mainly from farmers markets. I don't buy processed stuff (I can't even call it food).

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,536)
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6/9/13 9:17 P

It seems that way some times, but really? It's all about perspective. The more you do it, the easier it gets. I don't even really have to think about checking labels anymore; I just do it, and I know what to look for. I'm unswayed by weaselly marketing terms, and I'm learning where the smart choices are.

One thing that helps? Avoid things that have labels! If you're eating fresh fruits, veggies, and meat, well, there's no need to check the label!

You start to learn pretty quickly what's worth it. One of my all-time favorites is Kraft MAcaroni and Cheese, sharp cheddar. the kind with the pouch of cheese, not the powder. But the calorie wallop, added to the sodium wallop, and the fact that I'm hungry an hour later? Means that it's just not worth it anymore. So I only rarely get it. I still like to indulge now and again, but honestly? It's not a 2 times a week thing anymore.

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PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/9/13 9:08 P

Is much more difficult than in the past! Much more label reading if you really want to know what food you are eating and buying! And, the packaging is becoming more deceptive in the amounts of food you are purchasing...

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