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6/2/14 9:13 P

I have heart this before, Australia is at the end of the world and not too competitive apearently

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5/29/14 5:40 P

I'm in Australia now, originally from KS, and ever since I moved here (3 years ago) I have been floored by the prices. Back home I could feed 4 people for 2 weeks on about 180. Here? I can feed 3 for 2 weeks for 350 - 390.

They also don't import a lot, either, and try to keep everything Australia only. And that can be a problem sometimes, I think. When I first moved here the Queensland floods had recently happened, almost all banana crops wiped out. Bananas were as high as 20 dollars a kilo in some places. A small avocado where I am is about 3 - 4 dollars, and they are never ripe. Asparagus, which I loooooove, is generally never cheaper than 6 dollars a bundle. You get about 6 spears in a bundle. Since moving I've learned to like pumpkin, since it's the cheapest ingredient.

It also doesn't help that I am in a remote mountain town in Tas (for the last 1.7 years) right now, either, as the only grocery is stupidly small and doesn't carry much. If I want something specific then it's likely going to be a 2 hour drive (one way) to go get it. We can manage that maybe once every few months, because of the price of fuel.

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3/11/14 10:55 P

I know exactly what you mean. I have lived in Japan for over 20 years, and the first 5 years were so hard! I remember missing turkey, avocados (I remember when they finally came to Japan! It was a very exciting time for me) , cheese (they have cheese now, just REALLY expensive), and berries.
The cost of fruit has meant that I really don't eat much anymore. It saves money to eat only the vegetables in season, and you will probably have to go outside of your usual vegetable comfort zone. I don't even know how to translate some of the vegetables I eat. Turkey...I still miss it at times, but it is more a faint memory now. I don't even bother with bread anymore. Brown rice only.
I ignore most recipes from abroad, making up my own to fit with what is available. It is hard, as I really want to try some of those 'exotic' ingredients I see in recipes on this site.

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12/16/13 7:54 P

sheeze.... that would kind of weird me out....

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9/19/13 11:39 P

I have had trouble with this too.

Between being unable to read the labels on many things, and not sure how to cook with some others, it's been quite a challenge.

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8/25/13 4:46 A

Hi there, I apologize for the upcoming rant.

Is anyone else out there currently working in South Korea?
I've been living here for over four years, and like I mentioned in my self-introduction post, trying to stay fit is hard enough, but in a foreign country it can be much more expensive, with limited resources.

I honestly don't how these native Korean girls stay so thin. Korean food looks healthier than average American-style meals at first, but when you really look at the ingredients, they're full of hidden fats, carbs, calories, oils, all over the place. Don't get me wrong, living here is very convenient and fun in many other aspects, but staying fit is definitely a huge challenge!

The price of vegetables and fruits here is ridiculous as well. For example, one small avocado is $3, 1 kg of asparagus is $15 IF you're lucky to find it that cheap from online sellers, and one teeny tiny head of cauliflower is $5. One little basket of strawberries go for $10. In season. This really racks up after just a few weeks! It's also near impossible to find certain healthy ingredients such as whole wheat bread/pasta, quinoa, real greek yogurt, and of course, the real heart-breaker, TURKEY! I love sliced turkey but the only way to get some is to drive to the a Costco 40 minutes away and buy it in huge bulk amounts to freeze.

I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this frustration - not just in Korea, but any foreign country.

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