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BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
3/25/10 1:51 P

This is a cool thread! :)

My staples:

fat-free plain yogurt
Nature Valley oat and honey bars
baby carrots
sandwich thins
boca burgers
light cheeses (individually wrapped)
frozen chicken breasts
salad greens
thin-sliced smoked turkey

KIMSCCR7 Posts: 764
3/25/10 1:36 P

brown rice
all frozen veggies- I'm new to the vegetable life but I'm finding I really love a lot of bright colors
Grilled Chicken
Ground Turkey

HOLLYHOWE00 Posts: 149
3/25/10 12:53 P

bagged baby spinach
fresh veggies
green apples
whole wheat bread
fiber one
greek yogurt
2%pepperjack cheese
pretzel sticks
boca burgers/crumbles
olive oil
green tea

DARLEY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,454)
Posts: 1,546
3/25/10 12:48 P

romaine lettuce
red leaf lettuce
bell peppers
olive oil spray
crumbled feta cheese
whole wheat pasta
veggie burgers
sandwich thins
pita bread
flavored almonds
assorted sea food items
couple of lean cuisines
fat free yogurt cups
canned low cal soups
black beans
veggie sausages
veggie chicken nuggets
canned fruit in light syrup

CHOCO-HOLIC Posts: 114
3/25/10 12:04 P

apples, oranges, seasonal fruit/veg, frozen broccoli florets, chicken cutlets, frozen raw shrimp, skim milk, oatmeal, dunkin donuts ground coffee, kashi cereal, walnuts/almonds, hummus, seltzer, herbs/spices, whole grain spaghetti, canned tomatoes, pudding mix, semi sweet chocolate chips, dried cranberries, 2% extra sharp cheddar cheese. i always have these in addition to other rotating items, so i can make a healthy meal/treat anytime. mmm im getting hungry!

LOGICALLIE SparkPoints: (50,312)
Fitness Minutes: (41,305)
Posts: 1,485
3/25/10 11:55 A

Microwavable brown rice
Fresh spinach
Olive Oil
Pam made with Olive Oil
Greek yogurt
Laughing Cow cheese
Whole wheat mini-bagels
Whole wheat bread
Pineapple in pineapple juice fruit cups
V8 Fusion juice
1% milk
Fat-free creamer
100-calorie ice cream bars or sandwiches (like Klondike or Skinny Cow)
Tea bags (for brewing tea at home)
2% sliced cheese

KAYLA200 Posts: 956
3/25/10 11:48 A

Whole wheat english muffins, wraps, bread, pasta
Wild rice
Sweet potatoes
Bell peppers
White, spanish, green onion
Olive oil
Light cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella, havarti, swiss)
Fat free yogourt (kiwi is the best)
Boneless skinless chicken

2PERSEVERE Posts: 257
3/25/10 11:35 A

The things I don't see listed are what I'll add. I think I buy many or all of the healthy whole foods listed.

Grains: Barley, Cornmeal and Quinoa.
Just bought whole grain flour which I will try with my pizza dough.
Fat Free Ricotta
Tomato sauce & tomato paste (plain)

I do buy ice cream and other treats and usually have something like that once a week.

-HEALTHYAMY Posts: 3,077
3/25/10 11:25 A

My staples are tons of vegetables, fruits, beans, chicken,whole wheat wraps, whole wheat english muffins, natural peanut butter or almond butter, greek yogurt.

SKINNY-P Posts: 19
3/25/10 10:25 A

Thanks to all the wonderful people who posted here! really helped me tons.. xxx emoticon

LADYJEXIE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,000)
Posts: 1,196
3/24/10 10:50 P

fruit, nuts, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, beans, brown rice

ARDUBS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,325)
Posts: 673
3/24/10 8:42 P

My staples:

Arnold's whole wheat sandwich thins or Flat Out wraps
Blueberries, raspberries, and/or blackberries
Emerald 100 calorie packs of almonds
Hormel Natural Choice lunchmeat
Dunkin Donuts ground coffee
Chobani single-serve greek yogurts
Quaker HIgh Fiber instant oatmeal
Meijer organic skim milk

COTTRELL11 Posts: 1,552
3/24/10 5:39 P

Apples and whole-grain bread (a different kind every time)

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
3/24/10 5:02 P

For me, so much revolves around recipes. What good is having an item if I don't know what to do with it?

But my staples are (in no particular order, and assuming I'm living normally with a kitchen, fridge, and all that):

soy milk
protein powder (like hemp)
vegi burgers
vegi dogs
rice (wide variety, like Forbidden Black, Lundberg brown, Bhutanese Red, etc.)
beans (wide variety, black, mung, garbanzo, kidney, pinto, etc.)
Tomatoes (canned and fresh)
whole grain bread
almond butter
vegan butter
vegan cheese
nuts of all kinds
seeds of all kinds (like pumpkin, hemp, sesame, sunflower)
olive oil
sunflower oil
sesame oil
herbs & spices galore, refilled as needed
leafy greens of all kinds (kale, mache, collards, spinach, lettuce, dandelion, watercress, beet greens, etc.)
jalepeno or serrano peppers
bell peppers, and other mild/sweet peppers like lipstick or hungarian
mild peppers & chilies like anaheim or poblano
broccoli (all colors)
cabbage (all colors)
carrots (all colors)
potatoes (all colors)
sprouts (all kinds, alfalfa, pea, sunflower, etc.)
All kinds of faux meats like lentil loaves, tofurky, and the like.
winter & summer squash

Oh, I'm forgetting a bunch - I eat so many fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Most likely if it exists, it's on the list. But then again, I mostly go seasonal, and with a menu plan.

Don't eat a lot of pre-made or processed foods.

3/24/10 4:50 P

Chargrilled Boca Burgers-tastes really close to Burger King for those fast food cravings, 90 calories per patty and lots of protein

100 Calories Breyers Yo Crunch Cheesecake Yogurt-Little bits of "crust" and vanilla flavored yogurt, a tasty dessert

Lean Cuisine Cannelloni and Ravioli's-under 250 calories and delicious.

Beef Jerky-Low to no fat and carbs, high in protein, 60 calories per serving

Weight loss shakes for when I'm rushing in the morning before work, I usually only have 1 or 2 of these in a week, lots of protein and fiber, filled with vitamins and don't taste too bad either.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts-we buy these in bulk at Sam's Club, great for changing up recipes to be healthier

Ground Turkey Breast-Same as the chicken except we don't buy this in bulk. Replaces ground beef recipes.

English muffins-I make mini pizzas with these and they are filling and satisfy pizza cravings with less fat and calories.

KASHIPRINCESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,919)
Posts: 230
3/24/10 4:46 P

bagged baby spinach
fresh veggies: bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower
green apples
natures own 100% whole wheat bread
kashi cereals
special k low fat granola
kashi entrees
sweet potatoes
8th continent light vanilla soy milk
2%pepperjack cheese
annies organic dijon mustard
snyders oat bran pretzel sticks/ special k crackers
boca burgers/crumbles

LYNN0488 Posts: 987
3/24/10 3:42 P

carrot sticks
FF ranch dressing
morningstar bbq riblets (its soy not meat, so good, and im not a vegetarian)
reduced fat wheat thins
laughing cow cheese wedges (to go w/ the wheat thins lol)
100 cal popcorn bags
cocoa roased almonds
fiber one yogurt or greek yogurt if thats on sale
fiber one oats and raisins cereal
skim milk
green giant boxed frozen seasoned veggies (looove these!)

i want to also start buying more fresh fruits and veggies

SUMSUMS SparkPoints: (14,643)
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Posts: 1,453
3/24/10 2:32 P

All fruit. We eat so much fruit in our house it’s insane. We go through about 25 lbs of apples each month! I’m a fan of every fiber one item, the yogurt, bars, ect.

TMAGRINI Posts: 210
3/24/10 2:31 P

Here are some of my staples:

90 calorie Fiber One Bars
Light string cheese
apples, strawberries, blackberries
vitamin water zero
laughing cow light
Chobani greek yogurt
cucumbers, snap peas, carrots
Penn Maid ranch dip
Arnold 100 calorie flatbreads
Alpine lace light swiss
turkey/ham lunch meat
Bumblebee tuna packets
Select Harvest Light soups
Wasa light crisps
cocoa almonds
chicken breasts

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (167,832)
Fitness Minutes: (199,656)
Posts: 15,174
3/24/10 2:25 P

by moving I assume you mean London , England? Not sure where you are to start with so can't suggest anything as to products for comparison, but you might join the British team here on SP for ideas (think there is a team here from London as well, not sure).

As to always on my must have list? Hummus and Carrots are the two must have's on my grocery list (though I am trying to get into the habit of making my own hummus - but not working out to well as yet).

I'm not a vegan or what have you, but some other items on my must have list are local berries that are on sale what ever they might be, if they are local and at a good price I get them. I also try and shop as much as possible at Farmers Markets (I know that london, england does have these as well, but depending on where you are in london to what and where they are found, since its such a large city).

JANET0116 Posts: 672
3/24/10 2:22 P

Things I always have:

bagged spinach
romaine lettuce
cherry tomatoes
low sodium or no salt added canned vegetables
bell peppers
low sugar peanut butter
all fruit spread
dried fruit (prunes at the moment)
Earthgrains whole wheat thin buns
Mission low-carb fajita size tortillas
rolled and quick oats
whole grain cereal (currently Cinnamon Life yum)
ground flax meal
cheeses (reduced fat cheddar, cream cheese, parmesan)
greek yogurt
fat free half n half
evaporated milk

3/24/10 2:14 P

COOKIES! lol But seriously, we HAVE to have our whole grain bread and sandwich thins in the house as we are lunch time brown baggers so the hubs and I go through bread REALLY quick.

SKINNY-P Posts: 19
3/24/10 2:09 P

Hey guys i really want to improve my eating habits & would much appreciate it if you'll can suggest what foods i should stock up on in my kitchen.. oh and im a pure vegetarian no eggs no fish either..
however i love dairy & have alot of yogurt & skim milk..

i'm moving to london next month any good brand products or foods by some specific companies that are healthy? like say fiber one yogurt only 50 cals..
anyway so lets all list our healthy weight loss grocery staples? feel free to post your own grocery lists here, should be interesting to learn from everyone.. thank you =) xxx

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